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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Star Grey&Ombre Wig Review

Sigh, time went by way too fast. The new semester starts in less than 2 days, I'm not ready for this! This was the first semester break which wasn't enough for me, usually I find myself not being able to do anything and complain about how boring the break is.  Things changed. Anyway! I'm back with a quick review! I will be reviewing a wig and a pair of lenses from Uniqso. Shop UNIQSO You can use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! I hope you will like them. Take a look at the lenses' stock photo first, I went by a gray pair again. I.Fairy Star Grey You can use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, this design might look familiar to you. That's because I tried out this design's blue version before. They were one of my favorites, so I wanted to give the grey ones a try too! About the comfort and enlargement, I couldn't expect it to be better. Since it is the sam

☆☆Cosqueen Haul

I changed my theme last night! Decided to go with the purple shades this time. Do you like it? So today, I'm back with a mini-haul from the store called Cosqueen, it's my second time reviewing them. Sorry for delaying this by the way, I took these photos a long time ago but never got the opportunity to write this review. Shop Cosqueen You can use the code ANZU10 at their store for a %10 discount! I received my parcel when I was still staying at the dormitory (I'm going back in 2 days anyway!), and the parcel contained a wig, two bows which you can attach to your shirt, a T-shirt and several pairs of skeleton-hair pins. Mermaid Brown Wavy Wig You can use the code  ANZU10  at their store for a %10 discount! This wig just became one of my favorites! After trying it on, I found myself wearing it almost everyday. 8D  It is 60 cm long and easy to maintain. I tied it into pigtails time to time, but I like it best when it's down. The curls are soft but

☆☆Romwe Outfit Post

Back with another outfits post~! For this post, I will be showing you two new combines, each one featuring an item from Romwe. Shop Romwe This is my first time ordering from Romwe, and I was quite happy with it! I received my parcel in 15 days and it basically arrived with all my other parcels, don't know how that happened. The parcel contained a shirt and a skirt, each one in their own plastic bags. The bags even had airlocks, which means I will be able to use them again. I store my wigs in these kind of bags, so they will be useful! Milk Crop Shirt Got that one for it's unique print! The milk cartoons match well with the grid background, I found it cute. Other than it being a crop shirt, which means it is shorter than a usual top, it is basically same as a normal shirt. Since it is a crop one, as always, I wore it with a high waisted skirt. It also comes in only one-size, which fits most. But make sure to check the size cart before ordering it! Outfit Rundown Wig