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✩✩[MakeUp Tutorial]Etude House Face V Line Slim Maker&Bling Bling Eye Stick&VDL Festival(Creamy) Blusher Review

Phew! Today was a very tiring day. We did a Anna&Elsa photoshoot with Edniz and Arya, it was very fun! Will be editing the photos soon~! Anyway, today I'm back to review 3 products from Cosmetic-Love, I will be also posting a step-by-step makeup tutorial for it! Shop Cosmetic Love My parcel took about 20 days to arrive to my dorm, and each cosmetic item was packed in a separate bubble wrap so nothing was harmed on the way. (Even if they had their own mini-boxes, they were covered in bubble wrap as well.) Let's begin with the tutorial, and I will be talking about the products along with it. About base-makeup, I used a concealer on my dark-circles, then a BB-cream and lastly a powder to set it on my face. This is a photo after the base makeup is done.  Using these lenses and this wig. I will be focusing on the eye-makeup and blush, so I won't describe much about the base. For the eye-makeup, I began with the eyeshadow. I will be using a stick

✩✩UNIQSO Dolly Eye Starry Eye Blue Lenses&Date A Live Yoshino Wig

Today I survived two presentations, I need hUGS- But thank god they are over now. Ofcourse the projects will continue as much as before for these last two weeks but I can survive that! //I believe so I mean Okay, enough with the small update! What I'm here for is, to review a pair of circle lenses and a wig from Uniqso! Mothers Day Promotion For the last few reviews of mine I have been trying out more natural looking lenses, as well as this one.  Maybe I will try dramatic colors next time! These are the ones I went with! Dolly Eye Starry Eye Blue Don't forget to use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! They look like a darker shade of color in the photo, but in reality they appeared much lighter. I don't feel as comfortable with the lenses which have a huge pupil gap in the middle because my eyes are a light color. So I have to say that these would look much better on dark eyes than eyes like mine! The dark iris color would look as if