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☆☆BrandedKitty Christmas Photoshoot

I know, I know, it took me way too much to post these photos online! We took them around January and it's been like 3 months, I'm very sorry. ; _ ; With my studies and other reviews piling up, I had to delay some of my posts but I'm back to take care of all of them! This post is not exactly a review but I will be posting the photos I have edited so far for BrandedKitty's Christmas Coat. Shop BrandedKitty I hope you will like them! Unfortunately the coat isn't available on their site anymore, but you can check out their shop for other cute apparels~! A bonus photo! Our mall had a Santa robot sitting on this couch at the time. He was raising his arm up as well! But I found him a bit creepy. Shop BrandedKitty This is all so far! But I might go back to these photos and edit more if I find the time. Let me know of your thoughts in the comments and bye bye! Love you!

☆☆ANOTHER Sheinside Update!

I've been posting a lot of outfit updates recently! Aaaaand I'm back with another one for Sheinside. However, I apologize if these are not very good, I've been feeling a little bit uninspired lately. This parcel took around 20 days, normal but it usually takes 15 days with it. All items were in their own plastic bags as usual, I haven't had any problems with Sheinside about that matter anyway. I have received 3 items with this parcel and two of them are jackets, one of them is a sweatshirt. Let's see the first jacket! It's a denim one. Denim Coat This one is really comfy because the inner part is made of a very fluffy material. It feels so soft and keeps you warm at the same time! It's like hugging your favorite plushie, haha! I usually don't go for denim coats, but the fluffy inner texture and the patches on it made me like this item. You can also squeeze the bottom part with the ropes, but it's pretty hard to do so.  My only complaint

☆☆UNIQSO Dolly Eye Bubble Blue lenses&Orenchi no Furo Jijou Wig

You know what? I'm so lucky. I mean who could not get sick in any time of the winter and suddenly catch the worst cold ever in the week of their midterms, in the beginning of spring? Is this luck or talent???? I just hope the get better by Saturday, I'm done with this pain. Just wanted to let you know that the reason that I've been slow with my updates was this, but I'm trying to catch up! So for today's review, I will be reviewing a new wig and a pair of lenses from Uniqso, as usual. Shop Uniqso You can use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! The lenses were actually a surprise for me, it turns out they included in my parcel! They are so gorgeous so I was really excited, thank you! Let's start with a stock photo of the lenses. Dolly Eye Bubble Blue You can use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! Judging from the look&color of the lenses in the stock photo, they appear to be look very vibrant. I also know that the

☆☆Sheinside Outfit Update

Sorry for leaving you without updates for a while. Recently, I haven't been feeling very good, I could hardly find the energy to write this review. Nothing too important happened, so you don't have to worry. I will get better soon! As for today's review, I'm back with new outfit updates, featuring new items from Sheinside. The items took about 15-20 days to arrive as always, they are never late or too early anymore, which I think, is a nice thing. I know when to expect them! I received 3 items in one parcel, each packed in their own plastic bag with their tags on. First item, a blue, thick dress. Blue Dress The sweet color of it caught my eye, that's why I chose this dress. And ofcourse, the texture and collar give a very cute effect to it too. When they are all together, I thought that I could make a cute outfit out of this dress- and I was right! It is kinda obvious from the stock photo but I will tell again anyway, the pockets look a little bit asymmetrica