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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Kirei Green Review

Aaaah! I feel like I neglected writing circle lens reviews! It's because I have been very busy once again, sorry about that! But last week, I took lots of new photos and I am ready to post new reviews&looks for you guys! <3 I will be going on a review-spree for Uniqso again! Shop Uniqso You can also use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount at Uniqso! But before starting the review, I wanted to inform you that Uniqso has startes Kigurumis in their store now! They are pajama-like overalls which keep you really, really warm and they come in lots of variations from Superman Kigurumi to Stitch Kigurumis! You can check them out from the link below. Shop Kigurumis You can also use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount at Uniqso! Now let's move onto my review, okay~! <3 I got a few lenses in the same package this time and as they were shipped with EMS, they arrived in about 5 days, real fast!  I even received scleras this time

☆☆MimiPetitDeco Sylveon Decoden Case Review

Hello everyone~! Today I am back to review an adorable decoden phone case shop called MimiPetitDeco! Shop MimiPetitDeco on Etsy Like MimiPetitDeco on Facebook Follow MimiPetitDeco on Instagram The shop is maintained by the lovely Emily, who also designs&makes the phone cases by hand. She uses cabochons, jewels and whipped cream decorations to decorate these cases. She also sells deco kits and cabochon grab bags, so you can check her store to see them! She also makes custom cases, but as far as I know from her Instagram, her shop will be closing down soon so right now ready-to-ship cases are up on her shop. The one I requested was a Sylveon themed case! She got a small Sylveon figurine for me to decorate the case and did an awesome job! The shipping took about 15 days to Turkey, but I am a bit late to review it, because I left my camera back at home. ; u ; The parcel included the phone case she had made for me, a keychain as a gift and a note from Emily~! These are what I

☆☆Sheinside Outfit Post

It's been a while since I did an outfit post, sorry about that. Buuuut, I'm back to it with full speed now, because I got some new items in the mail from Sheinside, which inspired me to dress up again! Shop Sheinside They took about 15 days to arrive at my dorm and I got them in excellent condition, thanks to Sheinside's nice packaging. I will be telling about each item's packaging invidually as they were packaged differently according to their material. Let's start with the first two, because I got them to combine them together in an outfit. PU Leather Vest PU Leather Skirt I chose these two because their material seemed really similar, and I felt like they would be perfect together- I was right! Also, since they were made of PU leather, Sheinside had packed them carefully by placing thin paper on outside of the clothes and then folding them. That way the leather parts didn't stick to each other, I think it was really clever. About the vest, it has