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✩✩I-Codi No 43 Cool Grey Lenses&Blonde Pigtail Wig!

Hello everyone! How was your week? Well just in the middle, my new semester started so... :'D AMAZING I'm just, looking forward to the weekends everyday. Our dorm with Iris is so, SO cold that we sometimes wear gloves inside the room. orz This time Iris got the lower part of the bunk bed, so please pray for me not to fall, mornings are a challenge for me from now on. ; _ ; OH ALSO- Do you have any Valentine's Day plans? I don't- But I did plan out a makeup tutorial for it! I will upload it next week, make sure to stay tuned for it! Even if you don't have a Valentine, it is time to catch them sales on the internet and at malls. One of them is at UNIQSO, as usual! For Valentine's day, they have a %15 discount on every pink item, and if you happen to pass 100 USD, you'll get a plush teddy bear as a present! Valentines Day Special Teddy Bear You can also purchase it from here, you don't have to be alone after all! //I will stick to my shee

✩✩Mini Outfit Update(Again!)

Hey!!! I'm back with a mini outfit update today! Also the new semester started so I'm kinda... sigh... Let's see what this semester brings though! Maybe it will be fun. Ripped Sweater I really liked the baggy design of this, but not the pathes much, I mean I DO like patches, but these kind of! Still, the striped&baggy design makes up for it for me! My only complaint is that it smelt a bit weird when I took it out of the parcel, not like it was used, it was probably because of the parcel or the factory. orz Outfit Rundown Wig: eBay Sweater: Romwe Skirt: Taobao Socks: Local Shop Shoes: Choies Green Sweater This is absolutely one of my favorites! I loved both the color, style and the thickness of the material! It kept me warm while not making me itchy and aaaa I love cozy sweaters like this! One day I'm going to have a collection. Outfit Rundown Hat&Socks: Local Shop Wig: Link  (Discount code: anzujaamu) Sweater: Romwe Coat: Review coming!!