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☆☆Sheinside Outfit Post

Heeeello everyone! Did you miss the reviews? ; u ; Sorry for being less active these days! Also I have been feeling a little bit ill recently, so I skipped the Halloween party today. orz I hope my friends will have fun though. I'm looking forward to their photos and stories! When they return, we will be having a movie night tonight! Anyway, this time I'm back to post 4 outfit photos here and I will be featuring 4 new items from Sheinside for each of them! Shop Sheinside I apologize though, I took some of these photos at night before going out, so the lighting in the are really bad. So let's start with the first item! Multicolor Sweater This works really good at cold days! It is a knit sweater and it will keep you warm, though I wore a second layer just in case! The sweater is kind of short though, so I wanted to wear a high waister skirt with it. That was I was able to move around freely. Outfit Rundown Wig: Review is coming so stay tuned! Sweat

☆☆Abhair Short Two Tone Wig Review

Hello hello~!  How are you? I'm okay, actually! I've been thinking about the upcoming /small/ holiday and keeping myself happy for now! I will go to my dad's home this weekend, until Wednesday! ; u ; I really really really really hope they won't give any projects. god please hear my prayers please Remember the post which I reviewed a headdress and a lolita blouse? People have been asking me if I cut the long split of mine in those photos. Aaaand the answer is no! It is another wig. ; u ;)/ You know my love for split two-color wigs, haha. I couldn't resist it again and got a short split wig from Abhair this time. Shop Abhair Use the code " AnzuY15 " for a %15 discount! They have a wide range of wigs to choose from at their website, so make sure to check it out! About the shipping, then! Since I have moved to the university dormitory, I started receiving my parcels here. This one arrived in about 15 days after I placed the order, but I r

☆☆Michi Michi Rainbow Land Review

Good afternooooon~! How are you doing today? I hope you are good! So today I'm back with my second review for Michi Michi Rainbow Land! Shop Michi Michi Rainbow Land You can use the code " anzujaamu10 " for a %10 discount~! The lovely Teresa had new necklace designs up and she decided to send me them, I was so happy! ;//u//; The shipping took about 12-15 days to Turkey, which can be considered fast when we think about my parcels from China. Teresa had packed everything nicely together, so nothing was harmed on the way. I'm so glad, because the Turkish post offices never do a good job on these stuff. This was how the items looked like when I took them out of their plastic bags. Can you see the small letter? It was so kind of Teresa, I love it so much, hihi ; v ; <3 I will follow the order and show you all of the photos then! Alpaca Tights You can use the code " anzujaamu10 " for a %10 discount~! This is how the Alpaca tights looked like