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☆☆December Outfit Update!

OH, OH GUYS!! I hope everything keeps going like it is right now! I am sooooo happy!!! So for recent outfits, here we go! I haven't wore some of them yet, but I will still be posting their links with stock photos. Long Red&Black Sweater Alien Sweater Brown Skirt Outfit Rundown Wig: AQUADOLL via SamuraiBuyer Sweater&Skirt: Shein Socks: Local Shop Shoes: DOGO Blue&White Sweater Smiley Long Sleeve Shirt Outfit Rundown Wig: Secondhand Shirt: Romwe Pants: Shein Shoes: WEGO Now, moving onto the ones that I haven't took the photos of yet! Pastel Christmas Sweater! White Skirt Colorful Sweater Alien Long Sleeve Shirt Harley Quinn Jacket Mhm! I think these are all- FOR NOW! I hope you like them! Let me know of your favs in the comments ;D Bye bye! <3