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✩✩Assist Cosplay Wig Review

Good day everyone! Today, I'm going to review a professional cosplay site, Assist Cosplay. [ASSIST COSPLAY] This shop is located in Japan, and they have so many choices for their wigs. For example, you want a wig in green, but you can't find that shade of green anywhere! But when you go on Assist Cosplay's site,   See how many choices they have? They have different color shades for different colors as well! And you can find different length/styled wigs. Now, to the wig I chose. I wanted to try a different style, and unlike the other sellers, they had a wig without any bangs. I chose the silver color. Here is a photo from the site. [SILVER WIG] The prices are higher than the aliexpress and the ebay sellers, but it's definitely worth it! Those wigs are heat resistant, and they don't get tangled at all. Also, you can tell that the quality is very different from the other sellers, just by touching the wig. It's very soft and beautiful. You can s

✩✩Eagle Fashion False Lashes 2nd Review

Two posts in a day!    I'm very productive aren't I!? Hehee, anyway, this time I'm going to show you some new pretty false lashes. I was sponsored by Eagle Fashion Limited Company ~! They said they got some new style false lashes and wanted me to advertise them for you. Some of them are handmade too! They are very soft and natural. Also if you don't want to spend all your money on a pair of eyelash, this store is perfect. It's cheap for good quality lashes like this~! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message the seller, they will make sure to answer your questions! [EAGLE FASHION LIMITED COMPANY] As always, they were packed nicely with bubble wrap so they reached me without damage, in excellent condition. It arrived in 15-20 days. But the seller ships the items right after the purchase and provides you tracking number. I tried one of the lashes, so I'm going to show it first to you. uwu The first lashes are these;

✩✩Harajuku Cosplay Wig Review

Hewwo~! I'm back again to introduce you to a very lovely wig! I was sponsored by  YIWU JIASINI COSPLAY WIG INTERNATIONAL TRADE ! The store mainly focuses on cosplay and fashion wigs, and they are a factory, which means you will be able to find these wigs on a cheap price compared to the other stores! They also offer free shipping depending on where you live. They also sell quality cosplay costumes, you can check their store to see them. [YIWU JIASINI COSPLAY WIG INTERNATIONAL TRADE] Now let's move to the wig I chose. It's a blue mixed with brown Harajuku wig. I have a fashion for Harajuku, you  know. I couldn't hold myself back when I saw this beautiful wig. Here is a link to the wig I chose. [DUAL COLOR HARAJUKU STRAIGHT WIG] The wig arrived in excellent condition with a free wig cap next to it! It took some time to reach Turkey, but that's because of the crappy shipping company in Turkey. The wig is really soft and good quality. The hair never