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☆☆LolitaDressesOnline Sweet Lolita Shoes Review

I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO START WITH A PROPER GREETING BECAUSE I AM FREAKING OUT I- The final exam for the university acceptance is on 7th August (I thought it was 6th but nope)   AND IT WILL DETERMINE EVERYTHING I CAN'T BREAThe I'm so sorry. It's just. Wish me luck. I need it. I need it so much. Not to freak out and ruin everything at least. I'm going to take a deep breathe and start. / sobbing right now Shop LolitaDressesOnline I'm not sure if you remember but I've reviewed 2 wigs from them before this! I can't say anything about their dresses' quality yet, since I haven't tried them, so please buy at your own risk! However for the wigs and these shoes, the post I'm writing is %100 my own opinion. Sweet Lolita Shoes The shoes I got from LolitaDressesOnline is a pair of Sweet Lolita Shoes. They come in pink color and I think they can't be customized. But you can e-mail them, maybe they can do it! They have to sizes from 3

☆☆Wig Is Fashion Dark Blue Wig&Pink Green Split Wig Review

Hello~! It's too hot in Turkey and I'm dying. The countdown for my exam has started and here I am... Writing reviews. Man, I'm so clever. So to relieve myself I'm going to draw for a few hours after writing this. This review will be for Wig Is Fashion, which is a fashion wig store. Obvious Anzu is obvious. 8) Shop Wig is Fashion Use the code " anzujaamu5 " in description and 5% of your money will be refunded to you! They also have another site which focuses on cosplay wigs and it's the store I got my Chihiro Fujisaki wig from. Shop Cosplay Buzz The wigs I will be reviewing are from Wig is Fashion only, though! Just in case if you haven't seen it yet, you can watch my video review for these wigs on Youtube as well! Let's start with the dark blue wig then. Mixed Dark Green Wig Well, I call it a dark blue wig but it's actually a dark green wig. However, to achieve a more natural look, the wig containt different colors su