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☆☆UNIQSO I-Codi Snowman Lenses&The Lion King Wig

Hey, hey! How have you been? My semester is almmmmost over, holiday is just around the corner. I hope I can focus on my blog more this month, but I also need to have an operation for my wisdom teeth, so... Sigh. ; _ ; Anyway, for today, let's move on our lens&wig combo, shall we? I-Codi Snowman Lenses Use the code " anzujaamu " for a discount! It's about time I gave grey lenses a try! I've missed having grey eyes, and the photos seemed nice and vibrant so I chose this specific one. I-Codi has some pretty nice designs, but some of them can look vibrant in the stock photo then come not so vibrant afterwards, so they usually depend, I think. But I'm not disappointed for this one! This photo is from the time I wore the Nozomi wig, so I have purple eyeshadow on, also the makeup is quite heavy compared to the other ones I did before. Anyway, as you can see the lenses are pretty big too, they are 15 mm! Not sure if it's just me but nowawadays I realize

☆☆Recent Outfits!

Aaaaand I'm back with a new outfit update! Some of them are from the warmer times, so most of the outfits including shorts are replaced with trousers, unfortunately. ; _ ; I miss the warm weather... Baseball Print Sweater Khaki Shorts I know their styles don't go well, but I did tie up the laces of the short and hid them, so the color combination was nice! I really liked this combine. The short doesn't have a zipper btw, it has an elastic waistband, so it does stretch up to a point, check the size chart for more information! And for the sweater, I loved the design and color combo even if I don't like grey! I think for this one it looks quite good- and it keeps you warm too! Outfit Rundown Wig: eBay Sweater&Shorts: Shein Socks: Local Shop Shoes: Y.R.U V-Neck Sweater&Skirt Set This really does look like a college uniform! I don't know why but when I wore it, it reminded me of Hermonie, as if it is something she would wear! That's why I decided to co

☆☆Christmas Gift Ideas!

Doesn't exactly have to be Christmas themed but it's that time of the year! If you have someone interested in fashion and maybe alternative fashion, these could be some good choices! If there is no one interested, just get yourself a gift and spoil yourself.  It really does cheer me up when I do it!   Let's start with some Christmas sweaters! Snowman Sweater Ver. 1   Xmas Sweater     Snowman Sweater Ver. 2 Grey   Red   Blue Owl Skirt Cat Backpack We might be bringing the price range a bit up, but Tokyo Otaku Mode has some promotions for Christmas as well! I think they are very well worth it though, since they are from known brands. You can even spot some Liz Lisa lucky packs there! Apart from that when you buy 1 item now it will give you x10 TOM points, but if you happen to buy 2 or more items, you will be able to get x20 of the usual TOM points you get, to spend them later! Here are some of my favorite lucky packs. Some of them also comes in different si