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✩✩SpreePicky 3rd Review

So! Here I am, writing the second part of the Spreepicky Review! (Sorry it took so long! I was really busy with exams. They won't be over until March but from now on, I will try to be more active. uwu) Oh, also! When you shop from Spreepicky , on your purchases over $30.00, you can use the code " anzujaamu " to get a %10 discount! Now now, let's see what came in mail and how they looked like when I took them out of their package! Everything was pink and sweet, just looking at them made me so happy ahhhgdhfjsb! First, I will list everything here with their links. Black Angel Tights Diamond Tights White Lace Tights Milklim Sweater Purple Bloomers Sailor Moon Long Sweater Cupcake Rings Fairy Earrings Everything arrived in perfect condition, and the lovely staff included those blue ribbons as a gift! They were really cute like every other item in the package! The package was marked as a gift, so I didn't have any trouble with the customs. The s

☆✩KawaiiKastle Review

Two posts in a day! Yay, I'm very productive, aren't I!? This time I'm going to review an Etsy shop, which sells a lot of cute accessoires. Their cute owner Catherine sponsored me some Disney princess themed necklace and earrings! (Unfortunately I couldn't put on the earrings because my ear hole is gone skdjfhskflb I'm so sorry ;_; I need to go get it open again. I'm scared because it hURTS.) The parcel arrived really soon, and the items were packed nicely so they were in excellent condition! Catherine included a really cute note for me too ;//u//; I will save it forever, I love little notes shdjfgghd. Here are the accessoires, unpacked. uwu ✩Cupcake Necklace✩ ✩Disney Princess Belle Earrings✩   A close up of the earrings! Aren't they really cute!? And this is the necklace. Yumyum. uwu And lastly, a selfie with the necklace! :D I apologize for the bad lighting, but this was the best photo I could take, so don't mind

✩☆Sheinside 2nd Review

Hohoho hello everyone! uwu Firstly, I want to thank you for 100+ followers! I'm so happy people like to read my blog! ;//u//; I will keep doing my best for you. New stuff from Sheinside arrived yesterday and I've got really nice outfit photos for them! They arrived in two separate packages, but they came in the same day. Everything is really nice quality and the sweaters keep me really warm! (I'm always cold. ;u;) Also I really liked the skirt's fabric, it was thick and it wasn't soft. So it stayed in good shape once it was ironed! Here are the photos and links~ ✩Flower Pattern Sweater✩ ✩Red Skirt✩   ✩Bart Sweater✩ Hope you like the coordinates. uwu Have a nice day/night cuties~!

✩☆Sweet Spirits Review

Hellllo! How are you this week? I hope everything is going great! For me, it's the same as before; Exams. I hardly find time to write reviews, and have many reviews to write but I will write them slowly, in my free times, alright! This time I was sponsored my Sweet Spirits  a very cute accessoires store which sell fairy-kei, creepy cute style accessoires such as hair bows, necklaces, rings etc~ They had many stuff, I had hard time choosing! But in the end, I got really cool stuff in the mail! The mail arrived around 10-15 days, I think. And everything was in excellent condition. Don't they look very cute!? Ahh! The lovely owner of Sweet spirits even included two cute magnets in the parcel! She also got new packages for her products recently, so your items will be packed cutely when they come in~ Everything came in flawless, and they are very well made! Now, let's move onto the photos of me wearing them! This was edited by the cute owner, and I loved it.