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☆☆EzCosplay Hozuki Ferrari Cosplay Wig

Productive Anzu is being productive!  This is my 11th post in this month, wowow!? It's a good thing, isn't it? I'm back with another awesome product to review for you. This tiiiime it's a cosplay wig from the awesome cosplay site Ezcosplay . Click on the banner to access the site. And you can see their Facebook page here . They mainly focus on selling high quality cosplay costumes, but I will be reviewing a cosplay wig from their site. You can see all their cosplay wigs here! Now now, to the wig I chose. I haven't watched the series, but the wig is Hozuki Ferrari's wig from Galilei Donna. After seeing the character, I decided to watch the series in my free time! She's such a cutie! A picture of Hozuki Ferrari. And this is the stock photo on Ezcosplay's website. Hozuki Ferrari Cosplay Wig It looks really nice quality, and just like the character's hair, don't you think? So, about the shipping! After ordering th

☆☆Himi'Store Cherry Suspender Skirt+Aymmy Tee Review!

  Oh my god, I've got the cutest clothes ever asjfdhkaksj- OKAY, I'LL CALM DOWN. First of all, the items I will be reviewing are from Himi'Store on Storenvy! The store sells a lot of cute items based on Japanese/Harajuku/Lolita fashion and offer free shipping everywhere! Store owner Himi is a very cute and kind person, she'll make sure you are satisfied with her products. (She replies fast, too~.)  Hm hm hm, about the shipping! The items were shipped on April 8th, and arrived on April 18th! It's really fast considering the Turkish post office.  The clothes were packed seperately, and lovely Himi included a cute message with a pair of hairpins and a galaxy tattoo set along with the clothes! I loved every single thing in the parcel, ahhh~! Alright! Here is the stock photo of the first item! Cherry Suspender Skirt I got the black one and if I could marry with my clothes, I'd definitely marry with this one. The fabric is real

☆☆[ETUDE HOUSE]Color My Brows Eyebrow Mascara(Light Brown) Review

Hey, how are you!? This time, I'm back with cosmetic product to review~. I'm really excited! I will be reviewing an eyebrow mascara from Cosmetic-Love! They are a company residing in South Korea that sell a wide range of genuine Korean beauty/cosmetic products from some of the leading brands in Korea such as Etude House, TonyMoly, Missha, The Face Shop, Skin Food, etc. Facebook Instagram Blog Ebay   Shop  Here is the stock photo. Color My Brows The product arrived around 15 days, which is considered fast in my country~! It was packed with bubble wrap and placed in a box. The box was kind of crushed, but since it was wrapped in bubble wrap, the product was unharmed. I also got the lightest shade, because I wanted my eyebrows in a lighter shade. Now, this is the first time I'm coloring my eyebrows. I also didn't want to color them permanently, so this mascara is the perfect choice for me. You just use it like a n