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✩✩SpreePicky 2nd Review

Hello! So this is the second part of my  Spreepicky  review~! This was not sponsored, I got it with my own money. Now onto the stuff I got~ I got a lolita set by Infanta. The Creamy Cat Salopette+Blouse+Headbow and Wristcuffs! I used Classical Puppets' bell shaped petticoat with it, so it looked really nice and puffy. uwu It's the best petticoat I own tbh. The package arrived around a month, because it got stuck in customs office in Turkey for a week or so, otherwise it could have arrived sooner! Everything was packed nicely and nothing was damaged. They also put in a cute little message! <3 I was so excited I forgot to breathe lol. ✩Creamy Cat Salopette✩ ✩Creamy Cat Wristcuffs✩ ✩Creamy Cat Headbow✩ Also, the set comes in 3 different colors, so make sure to check them out before your purchase! And some photos while wearing it, With the new bell shaped petti I got, the skirt looks really puffy and I feel like a princess!  And a photo from

✩✩Sheinside Review

Hello everyone! How is it going!? For me, it's a bit tiresome. Exams at school and course and nothing else, haha. But today, I'm going to write another review~! uwu This time I got sponsored by Sheinside , and they let me chose two pieces of their items. It's winter soooo I went for the sweatshirts! They arrived around 15-20 days, which is normal and maybe a bit surprising since it's busy in shipping services. Ordering around these times, be prepared to wait longer! Items arrived in excellent condition, and in seperate plastic pags which can be used for storing your clothes, I really liked the packages! They were both free size, and I checked their measurements before ordering, so nothing went wrong about them fitting me. Actually I expected them to look bigger on me, since they were free size. But they fit me perfectly(especially the skeleton sweatshirt) and I am very pleased with them! One has a Mickey Mouse print and the other one has a skeleton design (

✩✩Rulercosplay Wig Review

Good day everyone~! This time I'm writing a review for Rulercosplay . " Rulercosplay is a professional COSPLAY (Costume Play) product enterprise which integrates design, production and marketing. Our main Cosplay Costumes include various types of Cosplay Wigs,Animated cartoon game clothing,Japan uniforms, Sailor suits and many others." ✩ RULERCOSPLAY ✩ They also sell lots of high quality cosplay wigs. They have many color/style choices and I'm pretty sure there are wigs for any character in their site. For the wig I chose it is this one, and looks like this on the site. ✩ HIMARI WIG ✩ I used to plan cosplaying Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum, but I'm not as sure now. ;u; I was only interested in getting a natural colored wig, so I chose this one. (I also wondered if long straight wigs will look good on me.) The wig arrived in about 20-25 days, and was shipped with Standard Air Mail to Turkey. It didn't have any flaws, and arrived in e