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COOL STUFF!!!! (with links!)

Heya! I figured it's about time I did a wishlist kind of a thingy with cute stuff, it may be helpful for you too if you have trouble finding certain style of items!   White Top Bikini Set Harness   Swimsuit Bodysuit Shorts Glasses   Strawberry Dress Watermelon Phone Case Iridescent Phone Case

Outfit Update!

Oh yeah, new items! Didn't have a chance to shoot photos with them yet, tho... Donut Blanket Yellow Top Watermelon Top Hat&Glasses Tights Hope you enjoyed the new picks!

July Outfit Update

Hello everyone! I'm back with some new gets! :3 Choker Corset   Swimsuit Hat Dress   Top Shorts Hat Pants Skirt Top Pants Eyeband Organizer