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☆Spreepicky Tutu+Heart Garter+Floral Dress Review

Boo! Anzu is back with really cute items, how's that! Are you excited? No? But I am! Heehee, anyway! This review is about Spreepicky , as you can guess from the title! They got a new banner too, It's so cute so I want to show you! Adorable, isn't it? Oh, also a helpful tip~!   Use the code " anzujaamu " to get a %10 discount on your purchases over $30.00! Anyway, I will be reviewing 3 items in this review. First, I will be reviewing their heart shaped garter!  Let's go! Heart Garter  This is the photo from their site. The garter comes in two colors, pink and black. I chose the black one, because I can coordinate black pieces better with the clothes I own.☆ The garter was wrapped in a bubble wrap nicely so it didn't get broken nor harmed the other pieces! Also they included a very cute note, wishing me success in my university exam which I entered last weekend. ; v ; Thank you so much Spreepicky!  The garter is a high quality piece, and has

✩☆LolitaDressesOnline Wig Review

HEY! Guess who is being really productive these days! So! Today I'm here to review the cutest wig ever from LolitaDressesOnline! They sell various lolita and cosplay-ish costumes, accessoires and wigs. I haven't bought from their costumes and accessoires before, but I got a wig from them and I'm going to let you know about it's quality in this post! The wig I got is this one; It reminds me of Seto Ayumi's hair. She's a big inspiration to me, so I really wanted this wig! Wine Red/Pink Wig The wig arrived in 15 days! It arrived in excellent condition, packed inside a plastic package along with a wig cap! (You'll need to wear a wig cap to keep your hair in place and then wear the wig. Some sites send you a wig cap for free when you buy a wig, including LolitaDressesOnline.) The wig was styled, the bangs were cut perfectly, pretty sure I could never cut my wigs like this, haha! I can say that the wig is high quality! Not a s

Anzu's Spring Sheinside Favorites!

Good night everyone~! (As it is 11:30 PM in Turkey, haha!)  This time I'm not here for a review but for a wishlist/favorite list from Sheinside. Spring is almost here and we'll need cute clothes to catch up with it, no?♡  That's why I decided to combine some clothes from Sheinside and write an outfit post for you cuties, just in case if you're having a hard time finding nice clothes! Here we go! This one is a summer-ish outfit, but I couldn't resist because the shirt design is adorable. Shirt Shorts You might like these if you are a fairy-kei&MyLittlePony fan! This would make a cute whole outfit with colorful socks oh gosh~ ;u; Shirt Shorts This combine is one of the cutest things I've ever seen on Sheinside!! If you like the girly look, this is for you! Shirt Skirt And this one is for a more street fashion focused one! Combined with thigh high black or white socks... Ahhh, I need to get these!  Skirt Shirt These are all for now! I hope I coul