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☆☆Lazy Outfit Update!!!

Lazy as in... I shot some of the new items without wearing them- though that's because I am unable to combine them with my current wardrobe. Still have some clothes left in Japan that my friend will ship to me ; _ ;  I AM LAZY BUT NOT THAT LAZY AFTER ALL Alrighty, let's go! ☆ Star Print Dress ☆ This dress was too loose on me, so I had to shoot it on the ground ; _ ; I loved, LOVED the pattern (STARS!!!) and the tulle material, it is perfect for warm weathers, but I am so sad to be unable to wear it since it reveals too much of my chest. (ty to a flat chest) ☆ Alien Shirt ☆ I have a thing for space, stars and aliens, so I had to get this one!!! Also I loved the colour contrast in this one, it definitely makes it even more unique. super lazy no makeup day ; _ ; ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ Tequila Shirt ☆ I have a love-hate relationship with tequila. I HATE the taste of alcohol, and tequila included. But when I think about it, I need like 2-4 shots of tequila if I want to drink, and since

☆☆Bhiner Taobao Agent Experience!

Hello! <3 It's been quite a while again, I'm very sorry! I've been back from Japan some time ago, though I'm still trying to settle down, that's the reason I'm late with both blog posts and youtube videos. Today I am back for a taobao agent review. Now for those who don't know an agent service is basically a company/a group of people who will buy the items you want in exchange of a small commission, from the sites you are unable to purchase within your country. In this case, this service is from China, and they will buy any item you want to get from the website Taobao, which is China's eBay. They have many different products you won't be able to find eBay, and at some points, even cheaper! Bhiner Taobao Agent What I really liked about Bhiner is that they have a very well constructed site for purchases which lets you browse through Taobao within their site. You will be able to see their prices in USD, and because of their site system, you w