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I feel like someone who has held their breath for a long time and reached the surface in water or something 8D I was planning to stay active on my blog here but A LOT OF things came up, such as the BGeek convention in Italy, right after it leaving for Japan! I hardly find time here because I still couldn't fix my sleeping/day schedule and UH OH- it's killing everything-- BUT. This is enough, I will pick everything up now! In this post I will have a few new items to show to you guys, but most of them were shot on the floor because I couldn't find the room the pack them for my Japan trip, so sorry about that! I will try to make new outfits with them once I return <3 UNIF Rainbow Top Light Blue Overall Shorts For this set, I went for a VERY colourful theme!  I feel so happy when I wear colourful clothes!!! Outfit Rundown Earrings&Necklace&Socks: WEGO Top&Overall: Shein Bracelets: Claire's and Co&Lu Shoes: YOSUKE Now I will be doing a quick photo