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☆☆UNIQSO ICK Gaudy Brown Lenses&Love Stage Sena Izumi Wig

Tiiiiiime to review some lenses and wigs! I'm still behind compared to the photos I took when I was finishing my university's first year, but slowly getting there! I remember taking these photos before I had a room makeover, actually. Anyway, let's go! Remember the ICK Gaudy Blue lenses I reviewed before? They were one of my favorites, so I ended up trying the same series in brown. ICK Gaudy Brown Use the code " anzujaamu " for a %10 discount! This brand is super comfortable for me, even when I got dry eyes and stopped using lenses, when my treatment was over some I got dryness problems with some of my lenses. This was not one of them, so I really love them comfort-wise.  Just like the blue ones, they appeared vibrant on my eyes, but if I have to choose my favorite between the blue and brown in the series, I would probably go for the blue one. Maybe because they blend better with my real eye color? Not sure. They don't have a dark brown color, the

☆☆Spreepicky Mini Haul&Cospicky Sakura Kinomoto Photoshoot

It's been a while, how are you guys doing? I'm kinda upset because the new semester will be starting soon. I'm not ready at all. ;_; Back to projects, you know... Anyway! Today I'm back to show you guys a few items I got from Spreepicky, as well as my Sakura cosplay. I hope you'll enjoy the photos! I combined a pink blouse with their white shoes with pink heart accessory on it for the first coordinate. Pink Blouse White Shoes with Pink Heart Shaped Fur You can use the code " anzujaamu " for a discount! The blouse is a really thin one! If you plan on wearing it on a cold day, I strongly suggest that you wear a few layers inside, just to stay warm. It's really hot these days, so I didn't have to go with layers this time. And it also comes in another color, make sure to check it out before you make up your mind! As for the shoes, they are now one of my favorites! The cute touch up on the back of the heels is just so cute. The fur on the front as

☆☆Shein Outfit Update!

  I will be meeting my dad in a few minutes, but before I go I wanted to write a quick outfit update! These can be counted as some recent outfits, I thought I should post them before too much time passes. Army Green Coat This one is a thin coat, however, I am not able to wear it out yet because it is really, really hot in my city. So I took a photo before ditching the coat and moving along with the rest of the coordinate that day. Outfit Rundown Wig: Uniqso Coat: Sheinside Shorts: Local Shop Shoes: Check my recent reviews for their links! Crop Coat Denim Skirt I got these two because I thought they would go together, and they did! Apart from them being too baggy, I have no complaints! I ended up using the coat as a shirt, though. Oh, they do get wrinkled quick even if you iron them. orz Outfit Rundown Hat: Local Shop Shirt&Skirt: Sheinside Shoes: Himi'Store M&M Drawstring Bag I really fell in love with this print! I have a thing for colorful stuff. ; u ; This wil