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☆✩KawaiiKastle Review

Two posts in a day! Yay, I'm very productive, aren't I!?

This time I'm going to review an Etsy shop, which sells a lot of cute accessoires.
Their cute owner Catherine sponsored me some Disney princess themed necklace and earrings!
(Unfortunately I couldn't put on the earrings because my ear hole is gone skdjfhskflb I'm so sorry ;_; I need to go get it open again. I'm scared because it hURTS.)

The parcel arrived really soon, and the items were packed nicely so they were in excellent condition!

Catherine included a really cute note for me too ;//u//; I will save it forever, I love little notes shdjfgghd.
Here are the accessoires, unpacked. uwu

A close up of the earrings! Aren't they really cute!?

And this is the necklace. Yumyum. uwu

And lastly, a selfie with the necklace! :D
I apologize for the bad lighting, but this was the best photo I could take, so don't mind my face ok. ;w;

This is the end of my review. Now, go check out KawaiiKastle and find your favorite accessory! Don't hesitate to message the owner if you have any questions, she replies really fast and will make sure you'll be satisfied!


  1. This is such a nice review!! ^^ All of the things are super cute I especially like the cupcake necklace!<3
    Would you be interested in following each other's blogs? :0


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