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☆☆Spreepicky Luna Bag Review

Eyyyy, how is it going!? 

I'm really excited because I'm here to review the cutest bag ever for you! It's sent to me by Spreepicky!

The bag is an original design from a Chinese Designer "Sweetlove" so it can only be found here. uwu

If you like Sailor Moon, you are going to love this, I promise!
It's a Luna bag! ;u;

The bag arrived with some other items (which I will be reviewing in my next post) and they were packed nicely! They arrived before the Chinese Holiday so it was really quick, I was surprised. No item was damaged and they even included cute nail stickers as gifts, I loved them!

This is how the bag looks like;
The fabric is soft and good quality, and I haven't had any problems with the zippers either! I'm in love with the design, especially the little stars&moons on it's straps. uwu

Here's a photo of me wearing it, also you'll get the see next review's items!
The tights&the galaxy uniform will be next review's items! Are you excited?

Anyway, this is all for this review! See you next time~


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