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☆☆Sweetbox Store Review

Well, hello again!
I'm on a review spree, please dont kill me, haha ; w ;
I got many items in mail when I was recovering from the wisdom teeth operation, so I will get some reviews done for you this week~!

So, in today's review, I will be introducing a new cute shop to you guys.
Sweetbox Store
Sweetbox Store is a shop based in Hong Kong, but they do ship internationally. They have many items to choose, from dresses to mobile accessories and even shoes!
Everything in their store is so adorable, I found it hard to focus on just one thing haha.
In the end, I decided to get a suspender skirt and a pair of socks from their store. 
(It was very difficult to decide though shjdfkdsf-)
The items arrived in about 15-20 days to Turkey in the parcel. Nothing was harmed inside the package because everything was packed nicely. The skirt and socks were packed separately in their own plastic bags and even the plastic bags weren't damaged on the way.
Aaaaand I'm a fan of Badtz-Maru! I also like the black&white contrast a lot, so this skirt was a must-have item for my wardrobe. It doesn't have a zipper but it has a shirring on it's back, so when I wore it, it sat on my waist nicely. Time to time I needed to pull it down, but I find it okay. You can also adjust the straps to make the skirt longer, but this was to best I could do with the straps.
I will wear a pair of shorts under it just in case!
Outfit Rundown
Hairpins: Spreepicky
Wig: Uniqso
Shirt: Local Shop
Skirt&Socks: Sweetbox Store
Shoes: Ebay
This was a very short review, sorry about that! I just didn't want to bore you with many words, what do you think about it? Would you prefer my older writing style, which I used to babble a lot?
Let me know about it in the comments!
(or if you have any questions!)
Love you and bye bye!


  1. nahh i never got bored by your writing i think its ok if you wanna continue writing that way ^^

  2. I've been admiring some items from their Storenvy recently, nice to see a positive review!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. Love your new cutely shocks *-*

  4. Badtzu-Maru!! <3 Everything is so cute.

  5. I like your older writing style, more informative and never boring :) I like the way you had a black and white theme in your co-ord!

  6. You are a little beauty fairy! ( ♥ω♥ )

  7. love your purple wig in pontytails!!

  8. what camera are you using? please reply


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