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☆☆BrandedKitty Shop Photoshoot (Photo Heavy!)

Hello everyone! 
How is your week going? ; u ;

This post will not be a review but I will be giving the item links and post my recent photoshoot's photos. The items are from BrandedKitty Shop!
Shop BrandedKitty
Soooo, less words, more photos!
I hope you enjoy it!
Ahh, I already miss the summer and the warm weather. ;;
The second outfit is a combination of black,white and red!
What a weird pose haha ; u ;
The next one is an accessory, heart shaped sunglasses!
There are many color choices, so make sure to check them all!
I have also received a pair of Sailor Moon earrings!
Unfortunately, I can't wear earrings, so I took a closeup photo of them. Sorry for the photo quality, the dormitory's lighting isn't so good!
This photo heavy post ends here~!
I really hope you liked the clothes, because I sure did!
Also special thanks to Edniz for bearing with me and taking my photos for the photoshoot~!
Bye bye!


  1. oh pls I need these earrings *-*

  2. I love the set! you are just beautiful!

  3. where did you get the wig for the cherry dress pics

  4. You are just the most beautiful girl in the whole universe!

  5. SO cute! ^_^ That cherry dress is just to die for. Great shoot :)

    - Sarah

  6. adorable as always! I love those sunglasses~
    also where did you get the wig from in the pictures with the Luna&Artemis Crop Shirt?


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