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☆☆UNIQSO I-Codi Snowman Lenses&The Lion King Wig

Hey, hey!
How have you been?
My semester is almmmmost over, holiday is just around the corner.
I hope I can focus on my blog more this month, but I also need to have an operation for my wisdom teeth, so...
Sigh. ; _ ;

Anyway, for today, let's move on our lens&wig combo, shall we?
I-Codi Snowman LensesUse the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
It's about time I gave grey lenses a try! I've missed having grey eyes, and the photos seemed nice and vibrant so I chose this specific one.
I-Codi has some pretty nice designs, but some of them can look vibrant in the stock photo then come not so vibrant afterwards, so they usually depend, I think. But I'm not disappointed for this one!
This photo is from the time I wore the Nozomi wig, so I have purple eyeshadow on, also the makeup is quite heavy compared to the other ones I did before.
Anyway, as you can see the lenses are pretty big too, they are 15 mm!
Not sure if it's just me but nowawadays I realized that the vibrant lenses are mostly small diameter ones, so this one is a good catch.

Lion King Wig
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!
This wig. Oh man, this wig...
This one is definitely in my favorites right now. I love how poofy the base part is. Sometimes I'm so tempted to cut the ponytail, but that IS it's charm point, so I hold back.
I love how not vibrant the color is, it does look natural because of that.
I styled it for a bit after getting it because the bangs and the layers were a bit too long for me and also used it for my Bill Cipher cosplay!
//It reminds me of Len Kagamine also, this one would go well with his Sandplay version.

Looking quite mature, huh?

Alright, time for some Bill Cipher spam, hold onto your seats!
And a blooper. :D

Does anyone like Gravity Falls here? 
If so, who is your favourite character?
Let me know in the comments, also I would love to discuss (with no spoilers for the people who haven't watched the Weirdmageddon arc!) it with you if you want!


  1. Those lenses are super cool! I might buy those at some point. I really like the character Soos, he's great, but Mabel is also really awesome. It's hard to choose.

    1. Soos is super fun! Everyone is adorable, I know what you mean, haha!

  2. AHHHH i love gravity falls and your bill cosplay is awesome!!! i ship dipper and bill so hard lol

  3. My friends and I are big Gravity Falls fans!! My fave chara is Mabel she is awesome
    I love you Anzu!! You're so cute AND cool I wish I could meet you or something ;;
    Cheers for you and Asriel ❤️

    1. Mabel is a QTPIE! <3
      I wish we can meet one day then! :D <3333

  4. Just curious have the contacts ever bothered you before?

    1. I did have a problem due to the dryness of my eye- I will try to make a video about lens care&this!

  5. Lion King, HAH. It's actually Shishiou from Touken Ranbu.
    His name does indeed mean Lion King, but it's still Shishiou.

  6. The lenses are super pretty~! The wig looks really nice too <33

  7. Wooow ! Your cosplay is amazing !
    The wig looks really great !

  8. This is very magnificent cosplay of Bill Cipher!Will you make cosplays of other characters?

  9. this really reminds me of this:


  11. Where did you get the lenses from?;-;
    The bill cosplay looks amazing


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