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☆☆Harajuku in Wonderland☆Krul Tepes Wig Review

Well, hello again!
Please excuse my absense on this blog. I'm not busy actually, but the weather is too hot and humid, so I feel like only lying down and not moving these days.
I also have a dry eye problem so I'll try to be away from makeup and lenses to use some eye drops to recover fast!
So my plans about new videos are kind of out of question now... But once I take care of this problem I will be back full power!- I even got a softbox set.

So for today's review, I will be telling you about the Krul Tepes wig I recently got, but unfortunately I couldn't take many photos with it so please bear with me. Once I get better I will be back with better, HQ photos of the wig.
Image of Krul (Owari No Seraph) cosplay wig.
Krul Tepes Wig
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a discount!

As for the shipping, I received it in less than 20 days, which can be considered fast when compared to the other items I have received from other stores. The wig comes in 3 pieces, the long, LONG base, and 2 tiger-clip pigtails, which are shorter compared to the base. Each piece were packed in separate plastic bags and a wig net was wrapped around them so as I took it out of the parcel, there were no tangling going on. It also came unstyled, so the bangs won't be looking like the photo. But it does have a "hime-cut" shorter side bangs.
The color is a very light, soft shade of pink, and I can understand some Krul cosplayers might not like it and try to search for a darker color, but I thought it would be okay for her. I am quite happy with how thick the hair is and with the quality of the wig, so I have absolutely no complaints! :D
You can try to braid the base and the clips as well, or you can make it sit on a wig-head thingy like I did. Since the hair is really long, (about 120 cm) I ended up placing the head on one of my tripods, that way it can stay up without getting tangled. But it looks a bit creepy when I first wake up in the mornings- so I will probably store it away soon.

Here is the only decent photo I could get without starting the eyedrops, so I'm sorry if it's not enough!
Not a test shot or anything! I will try different makeup tactics and ofcourse, red lenses.
Then we'll see!

Aaaand I will see in my next post soon then!
Take care!


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