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☆☆UNIQSO I-Codi Naty IC2 10 Green Lenses&Pink+Blonde Multicolor Wig

Back with another lenses&wig combo for you guys!
This time I went for a school girl inspired look, I hope you'll enjoy the photos and the review.
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It's been a while since I stopped writing about my shipping experience with Uniqso which is because all my experiences are OK and I feel like repeating myself. But just in case there are new people to this blog, I will make a real quick review on the shipping as well.
First of all, you will be receiving your wigs and lenses from different warehouses, which means they will be shipped out in two different parcels at least. I always got them that way. I use express shipping, and my lenses are usually shipped out by DHL Express, while I receive the wigs with Aramex' Express.
But if you are not in a hurry in receiving your items, I recommend standart shipping, as it is easier. Everything will be prettu much the same except the shipments' arriving time.
The lenses will be packed in their bottles with a safety cap, and once you remove them you will have to throw them out in a year or so. If you don't open them, you can store them in the bottles up to the date that is written on them.
 I-Codi Naty IC2 10 Green Lenses
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I'm on a green lens hunt for my upcoming Alisa Bosconovitch cosplay, so I will be reviewing a few green lenses in my next posts as well. This was one of my choices, but because of it's dramatic and vibrant design, they do not look natural. But ofcourse, if you are going for an anime character look or just a dramatic look, these might be the perfect lenses for you! //Also they are super comfortable as well, yay!

And an advice, if you are going for a really really natural pair of lenses, I recommend trying out the ones without the black rim, or a very thin black rim design. Normally people don't have defined black rims, so that might be the key factor in it!
Sooo after trying them on, these kind of eyes reminded me of anime characters and I thought of trying a school girl inspired look, maybe a bubbly, fun chara!

And for that I had the perfect wig. 8)
NO GAME NO LIFE - Kugimiya Rie Wig
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
And being the usual Anzu, I got a cosplay wig for a non-cosplay purpose, haha. The pink accent to the blonde base is the main thing I found cute about this wig, and it is perfect for a girly look in my opinion.
Once again, the wig came unstyled, so I styled the bangs myself. Plus to that, if you brush the wig a bit more and play around with it, you can make the pink parts even more visible than it is in the stock photo.
Last of all, seeing the stock photo, I expected it to be a bit more shinier, but it has a matte color, so I was relieved, haha. ; v ;

I also completed the look with Cosqueen's pink ribbon, it compliments the pink accent in the wig!

I hope the review was helpful for you!
Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the review.
Bye bye and love you!


  1. OMG I've been hoping to find a review of these lenses! Thank you so much! ;u;
    I almost bought these a while ago but decided to wait in the end, until I find a review.
    I FRIGGIN' LOVE THE COLOR. *_* The green is amazing! These would be so perfect for some cosplays! I really want to buy them now!

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  2. They made a mistake, Kugimiya Rie is a seiyuu... And she "gave" her voice to No Game No Life's character named Tet ^.^

    1. When I searched for the character I failed to find a photo, so that's why! ; u ;

  3. I love these circle lenses, colour is really vibrant!

  4. I think u should cosplay some orange haired characters like nami or kagura yato !! I want to see how short haired orange looks on u haha! But u still the cutest

  5. How can you find all that wigs? Help me please^^

  6. Oooo thats pretty cool

  7. Anzu-chan, will you try to make a cosplay of Uta (Tokyo Ghoul) in a Female version? Tahat will be cool B)
    Btw, you are on my walls in my room XD (i printed some pics from you Tumblr, can I?)

  8. I love the pink parts in the wig, they're so cute >3< It's really a good wig for Tet! Thank you for another great review Anzu c:

    Have a lovely day ♥

  9. I must say, you are the best Cosplayer I ever seen (And I saw many Cosplayers) ☆~ Thanks to you, I also cosplay now. I wanted to say Thank you, for sharing your cool Outfits with the World ~ You Inspire many People ! Sure, there are also so much Haters out there but you also have Fans, who are standing behind chu ! ~ I am always so Happy when u post new Outfits here on your Blog and many People are also really Happy about that.
    stay kawaii and ignore the Haters ☆~ ^○^
    Have a Magical Day, Anzu-Sensei ♡ (*^o^*)/

    Anzunators ftw!!! ~~ o(>○<♡)o

  10. Green and blonde are very vibrant colors on you, Anzu~ You look stunning as always! I'm always so impressed with how nice the lighting is in your photos, too. Thankyou for a great review!

  11. Sooo adorable! O_O
    The wig really goes well with the bow and the circle lenses! c:

    P.S. I thought you were picking your nose for a second in the 1st selfie... ;//;

  12. adroble .... yeah you are so cute
    every time i look at you face .... i see you like angel
    you are really so cute


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