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☆☆UNIQSO ICK Adora Lenses&Short Black Wig&Long Silver Wig with Pigtails

Hello cuties, I hope you are good!
My university had been getting very intense HW-wise, so I had to slow down with the reviews recently, but I don't want to keep it like this, so I will do my best to continue to do what I love alongside my classes.
I'm also doing my best to post one video every week, so make sure to subscribe on Youtube! ;D
Here is my latest makeup tutorial, which is for Krul Tepes from Owari no Seraph!

That being said; let's! move! on!
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
The reason I went for red lenses this time was because I was in a search for my favorite red lenses to use for my Krul cosplay. I really liked Adora series' violet lenses, so I figured red would be nice too!
In the end I can say that they do work well even with my light colored eyes(it's usually a pain especially for red or brown lenses), but I won't say that they are my favourite.

I did test these and the Garnet Red with the same Krul cosplay, and ended up choosing the Garnet series' red over Adora.
Still, this did work well with a few other wigs I own, and I will be showing you those photos now!
Short Black Wig
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I also got this wig! Not for fashion purposes this time, I really want to give a try to Mettaton's cosplay from Undertale. Not sure if it will work out with my chubby cheeks but I gotta try!
I will probably do it around this week but let's see!
This wig is not very short but it can always pass for a boy-ish look in my opinion. I love how it comes in layers and has a spiky effect, I really like wigs like these!

And a dramatic turn to the feminine side;
Long Silver Wig With Pigtails
Use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
It seems like it has a short base and long pigtails from this particular stock photo, but the base wig is actually very long too. It is listed as 40 cm on the product page but my guess would be at least 100 cm.
It's great because being long, it gives you even more chances to try different styles than a short base wig. I found the pigtails a little bit thin though, maybe that's because I always go for FLUFF!!! ones.

This one was a rather photo-heavy long review, but I really hope you like it!
See you soon, hopefully!


  1. Youre Krul cosplay is so good! I think the twintails are that thin because the anime girl doesn't have all her hair in them? I also think silver hair suit you very well, have you ever considered getting silver hair? ♡

  2. I really dig that you review ICK lenses and other brands that don't have many reviews online yet! Thanks a lot for helping the cosplay and j-fashion communities!
    I must say that I love how these circle lenses look! *_* Red contacts with silver/white wigs are one of my favorite looks! So pretty!

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  3. Really looking forward to your MTT cos!! I know how your plans for that one look, so I'm somewhat hyped :D

  4. Have you played Undertale?

  5. I love these lenses and the second wig so much, they look pretty cute on you <3


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