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✩✩GEO Diamond Series in Brown Lens Review from UNIQSO

I'm back with a new review for you!

This time I will be reviewing brown circle lenses, sponsored by UNIQSO.

As you know, circle lenses are very important, because fake lenses can damage your eyes. So you need to pay attention where you buy lenses from. Uniqso is a safe site I can recommend, I have never had problems with their lenses before. Also, when you buy GEO lenses from them, you can always check if the lenses are real or not by using the code on the lens bottle on GEO Medical's official site.

Now, let's move onto the lenses I chose!
I wanted to try a different color so I chose brown! I have blue eyes, so wondered how I'd look like if I had brown eyes.
I chose GEO Xtra WTB34 Brown (a.k.a Diamond Series) which are 15 mm. These are pretty big lenses, and I think Uniqso also has 16 mm lenses!

The package reached me in 15-20 days, coming from Malaysia. I think it came in a average time, so it's okay~! It was sent by standart shipping. The package was wrapped nicely around bubble wrap and it reached me without any damage.
Inside, there was this cute little box!

I have bought from other sites before, but I haven't received such a cute packagement before! uwu It had written "Thank you!" all over the box in different languages. They also sent a lens case next to it.

And I forgot to mention, Uniqso has plano lenses to -10.00 prescription lenses. I have myopia, and it's -6.00 and -5.75 for my eyes, so I got the closest prescriptions after asking my doctor. They didn't have -5.75 so I got -5.50!
They also have toric lenses, available for some designs! Check out their site for them!

Here are some photos if you want to see how they look like when they are put on.

It has a gap in the middle because pupils get wider in the dark and it shouldn't cover my vision when I'm in a dark room. I really like their design, they indeed remind me of diamonds! The color shows up in a dark brown and gives a dolly effect by making your eyes bigger.
They are also comfortable, my eyes are normally dry, but I didn't feel and discomfort when I had these on.
Here are more photos~!

Hair looks a bit messy there ;v;

I really liked how these lenses turned out! And I definitely recomment Uniqso to you. Lenses are safe, comfortable and lasts for a year if you take care of them properly.
You can always check GEO lenses' safety on GEO Medical's official site!

Also stay tuned on UNIQSO, because they usually make big promotions! 

If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Thank you for reading, have a good day~!


  1. Woah, so nice! >w<
    I have dark eyes so I wonder how would they look like on me...
    You look adorable!

    1. I think they'd look better on dark eyes! As you can see my blue eyes show up under it, but it'd blend with your natural eye color!

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  3. Hello there, I have a few questions! I am a regular contacts wearer, I've worn them for over five years, and 'fake' contact lenses are my greatest fear. I know that many cheap lens sellers, especially in Asia (no this is not a stereotype, merely recognition of the fact that Asian countries are most popular in the industry and especially cosplay) merely put coloring and ink on one contact, and place another on top. To me, that is extraordinarily unsafe and terrifying.

    The only FDA certified seller I know has very, very small variety, and it is rather disappointing. Do you know how these are made, if they are certified in any way, etc.? I enjoy your blog very much, and thank you for these wonderful reviews <3 If you could give me any information at all, I would be immensely grateful!


    1. Hello, Tani!
      I definitely know what you mean. I am terrified of having my cornea damaged or having my eyes infected so I try to be extra careful with my lenses.
      I have worn normal lenses over 3 years, and circles for a year. I searched a lot about fake circle lenses since I didn't want to damage my eyes.

      All I know for now is that GEO lenses have authentic stickers on them and you scratch them to find a special code under it. Then you go on GEO Medical's site to check it authenticity. You just type in the code and see.
      For other lenses, I don't know if they have a code. Because of that I try to be really careful when I buy lenses. I usually go for Honeycolor and PinkyParadise. These were my first lenses from UNIQSO, and they didn't irritate my eyes. If any of my lenses irritate my eyes, I take them out immediately. Even if I'm outside and will look creepy with dramatic eye makeup without lenses. Because eye health is important, haha. Usually the problem is the makeup in my eye, and I try to take it out of my eye immediately. Other than that, you should be careful with the hygiene and ofcourse the expire date. Even if they expire after a year, I throw them out after 8 months or so. Just in case. ;w; Also I try not to wear them more than 8 hours.

      Also I read an article about defective lenses today, a blogger got her eyes damaged because of Dueba lenses and Eyecandylens, if you want to read about it, here is the link!

      I hope I could help! I apologize if this wasn't enough, but that's all I know!

  4. Woah, the Diamond pattern is so pretty!! *o*
    I've been wanting to try out a lens with this kind of pattern for pretty long so I'm glad to see that you reviewed them! I'm always happy to see when other light-eyed people review circle lenses because, most times, when I'm searching for circle lens reviews it's almost always dark eyed people who review and then it's hard for me to figure out how the lens will look on my blue-gray eyes! Thank you Anzu! <3 I really appreciate your lens reviews!

    Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog


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