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✩✩YIWU JIASINI COSPLAY Harajuku Wig&Akazawa Izumi Wig Review

I was inactive for a while and I apologize for that. I will try my best to be active from now on, but I must pay attention to my exams for a few months. uwu;

I have two wigs to review today. And they are from an aliexpress seller~
They are a wig factory, and they are cheaper compared to other stores because of that. They might be cheaper, but their quality is great!

 I wrote a review for them before, for another Harajuku style wig, and you can read it here:

If you want to check out their store, here is a link:


The wigs were shipped with Standart Air Mail and they took about a month to arrive. If you want to receive the wigs sooner, you can always choose the EMS or DHL shipping options, which will take about 7-9 business days.
The wigs were packed nicely, in their own plastic pockets. None of them were harmed. This is really important, because sometimes items can get damaged in mail.

Now let's move on to the wigs~
First, here is the store owner's favorite. It's a brown/pink mixed Harajuku wig whic costs 16.90 USD+free shipping.
[Brown/Pink Harajuku Wig]

It has a nice brown color, but the pink shade isn't my favorite. The brown fades into pink with a nice effect. Also, the wig is really soft! If you act carelessly, it might get tangled, but you can always brush it softly and untangle it.
Here are some photos~
Derp Sara strikes!

I think this wig is great for daily use, and goes well with Street/Harajuku fashion.
Also with styling, i'm sure it will look even cuter! I didn't want to cut the bangs by myself, I was scared of cutting too much so I brushed them to side and took some photos~

The second wig is a cosplay wig. It's Akazawa Izumi's wig from Another. I really liked that anime, and the character was one of my favorites, so I like this wig x2. uwu
[Akazawa Izumi Wig]

The wig was packed apart from it's ponytails, and they came in 2 different packets. The ponytails were untangled and they were really soft, I was really amazed!! Also, there were 2 cute blue ribbons with it, for cosplay purpose. They didn't have hair pins, but I'm going to use them as soon as I stick them to some hair pins!
It has a nice dark brown/dark red(idk how to explain that colour) colour and the base wig has cute extentions from it. You can use the base wig alone too, it looks really cute!

Here are some more photos~

I think it looks cuter with one ponytail!

Blurry... ;v;

And for the last, a full photo,


If you have any questions, please mail me at

Thank you for reading and have a good day~!


  1. How you are so lean? xD what you eat?

    1. How you're so tiny? You're not fat. What you eat?

    2. I think he's asking about your diet since you're pretty cute and skinny. ^^;

  2. Have you ever tried a Mcoser wig? There's a lot of them in aliexpress. I've seen their wigs and they seem great, but I'm not sure if the quality is really good. Have you ever seen one ou heard about them?

  3. I think all of the wigs from this store are from Mcoser. They seem to be of good quality and they are very cheap! I've just ordered two wigs from them. Let's see. :3

    1. Thank you! I'd be really happy to hear from you when they arrive~

  4. Those wigs look like they could be your real hair! Great looks!

    1. Thank you~! They could be one of my favorites. ;3

  5. I love the colours of the wigs! They look great on you :3

  6. i love your sailor uniform here ! i wonder where you get it from ?


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