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✩✩Eagle Fashion False Lashes 3rd Review

Good morning! (well it is morning in my country so)

Today I'm back with another review~ I have new lashes to show you!

They were sent to me by Eagle Fashion Limited Company, they are a factory which produces fake lashes and some of them are even handmade!

The package took some time to arrive, because it was sent from Hong Kong and right now the shipping companies are having trouble delivering, because there are a lot of deliveries to be made.
So if you need an item urgent, it's not guarenteed you will receive your package shortly. You should choose the EMS option by messaging the seller!

I tried on one of the lashes as usual because I didn't want to use all of them at once!

Here is what I tried on,

They are handmade natural lashes, incredibly soft and has a "natural" thickness!

I tried these lashes on with my new wig, and here are the results,

(actually no filter this time congratulations to me)

(okay back to filters because the wig seems better with it~!)
Do you notice the natural thickness? It doesn't give a fake look and looks like I did an excellent job on using a mascara~! ;3

Also a little tip, if you use a mascara (just a bit) on these natural lashes, they will look even cuter!

Let's move onto the other lashes I got!

These are thicker than the previous one, but they are like an extension. I think it'd be great to use them on the outer corner of eyes to create a thicker look on side lashes. uwu

These could be one of my favorites! I really love sets, haha. Also they are not as thick as the other ones but really long! I think they would look really cute with a lolita outfit. Gotta try it soon~! <3

And WOW look at these! 8D They are actually painted(?) in British Flag and I--
I don't know how/where to use them. But they could be useful for holidays like Halloween or something? And woah they are REALLY long. They look pretty cool though!

These were all for this time!
I will be back with new reviews soon~
Please check out Eagle Fashion Company if you want to see more of their cool lashes!


If you have any questions, please mail me at,

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day~!


  1. Cute review! Just wondering where did you get you're top?

  2. Great review! But where did you get that fantastic wig? I'm having a hard time finding with twin tails that length with the curls. :)

  3. Very nice review and i liked and agree with you.


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