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✩✩Pinky Paradise Vassen Dolly Plus Violet Review

I am back with another review ohoho~ uwu

Today I'm going to review a pair of lenses sponsored by PinkyParadise!
In case you don't know, Pinky Paradise is a web store which specializes in selling circle lenses, as well as brand cosmetic products like Diamond Lash, Dolly Wink etc.

Now, let's move on to the lenses I chose.
I recently got a purple/mint blend wig from GLW, so I thought violet lenses would look good with it!
I also like bigger lenses, so I chose Vassen Dolly Plus Violet.
Don't worry if you have myopia, I have a prescription on 6.00 power, so by choosing the right power in the range 0.00 to 8.00, it will be okay. (Though I recommend asking your doctor before purchasing!)

Here is how the lenses pictured on the website.

I also like the black ring around it, it makes your eyes look larger. uwu
The lenses are between 14.5mm-15.0mm diameter. My favorite. 8D

The lenses arrived in like 15 days and I was surprised, since lots of my parcels takes around 20+ days to arrive. Inside the package I found these~

Lenses in their glass bottle, violet elephant animal lens cases, and a thing to... Well, you simply brush your hair back with it and it holds your hair back when you apply makeup so you don't get your hair dirty with foundation/any makeup. Very useful, in my opinion.

I have blue eyes, and I think it's not a good thing when it comes to circle lenses since the blue keeps showing up when my pupils gets little in the light. If you have brown eyes, your eye color would look like pupils when you have lenses in and it would help you look even cuter! uvu
Also, I think the lenses were really comfortable. My eyes didn't get dry as much as they do with other lenses. (I use an eye drop to avoid getting uncomfortable. You can ask your doctor for one if your eyes get dry when you put in lenses.)


Yes, this one is a bit better.

Overall, these might be my favorite lenses so far. I really want to try these in different colors, maybe in brown or gray? The design is really cute!

And a little tip, if you use the code "anzujaamu" at the checkout, Pinky Paradise will throw in a special gift for you! ;3

That's all for today!
Thank you for reading~!


  1. I love the color of these lenses and they suit you very well too. The wig is also super pretty!

  2. OMG i love this blog! so cute and pretty and the pictures just stole my heart. this is exactly my kind. love the big light purple hair in the photos.thank you for sharing.


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