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☆☆Sheinside Fourth Review

And I'm back with another Sheinside review!

Ready for new cute items!?

This time I will show you 2 different items, as usual. They took some time to get here though, a little more than a month I think. (Sigh, Turkish post office.)

Everything arrived well-packed and in excellent condition though so it's okay!

It has cute smiley hearts and gravestones as it's print. Also, I like black&white items a lot, so I went with this shirt! It's kind of a chiffon shirt, soft and thin.  So I thought it could go well with a creepy cute look.
I'm not really happy with this coordinate though...
Wig: GLW
Hairpin: Spreepicky
(Use the code "anzujaamu" on your purchases over $30 on Spreepicky!)
Necklace: Sweet Spirits
Shorts: Miho Matsuda
Tights: Sandy's Shop
Shoes: Taobao
This one is a really cute dress, I just couldn't resist myself! 

Here is my coordinate!
I liked how this turned out, hehee!
Hat: Local Store
Tights&Shoes: Spreepicky
(Use the code "anzujaamu" on your purchases over $30 on Spreepicky!)

Thank you for reading cuties! 



  1. ohhh i really like it ~ amazing look~

  2. Aw these clothes are really gorgeous. You look like a real doll in the second one.. (o´ω`o)
    Keep going! (^-^)♥


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