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☆Spreepicky Tutu+Heart Garter+Floral Dress Review

Anzu is back with really cute items, how's that! Are you excited?

But I am!
Heehee, anyway! This review is about Spreepicky, as you can guess from the title!
They got a new banner too, It's so cute so I want to show you!

Adorable, isn't it?

Oh, also a helpful tip~!
 Use the code "anzujaamu" to get a %10 discount on your purchases over $30.00!
Anyway, I will be reviewing 3 items in this review. First, I will be reviewing their heart shaped garter! 
Let's go!

Heart Garter 
This is the photo from their site. The garter comes in two colors, pink and black.
I chose the black one, because I can coordinate black pieces better with the clothes I own.☆
The garter was wrapped in a bubble wrap nicely so it didn't get broken nor harmed the other pieces!
Also they included a very cute note, wishing me success in my university exam which I entered last weekend. ; v ; Thank you so much Spreepicky! 
The garter is a high quality piece, and has a elastic band so it won't fall down. The elastic band can stretch up to 45 cm! If you want your garter custom-sized, you can contact Spreepicky with the measurement you want! Your custom garter will be ready in 10 days. 

Here are my photos with the garter;

It's so lovely ahh~ 

Outfit Rundown
Shirt: Ebay
Garter: Spreepicky
Choker&Socks&Shoes: Taobao

Let's move to the second item, the floral dress!

The stock photo!
This dress comes in one size, so make sure to check the size chart in the item link, okay!

Black Floral Dress

It also has a built-in petticoat under it, so it gives the dress a natural "puff". The sleeve parts are kind of thick and different from the dress' fabric so it is hard to flatten them!
This dress is one of my favorites~

Outfit Rundown
Wig: LolitaDressesOnline
Eyebows&Dress&Shoes: Spreepicky

Last but not leeaaaaast~!
The cutest tutu ever~! Perfect for fairy-kei coordinates!
They also have lots of color choices, my choice was purple with pink!
It was packed nicely and it never lost it's puffiness. You can also use it under dresses, but it's a rather short tutu.

Outfit Rundown
Wig: Taobao
Necklace: Sweet Spirits
Sweater&Tutu&Tights: Spreepicky
Leg Warmers: Local Shop
Shoes: Ebay

Use the code "anzujaamu" to get a %10 discount on your purchases over $30.00!
I hope this review was helpful~! I had such a fun time writing it, I hope you had fun reading too!
Bye for now~!


  1. I want your body so skinny and cute ; ; all looks really good on you!

  2. I love your coord for that daisy dress! Tights and shoes look great! <3

  3. I love your style ♥

  4. Lovely clothes! I want it all :3 + your legs! :O


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