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☆☆MartofChina Review

I'm so happy.
Sorry! Let's just skip the "hello" part today, hahaha!
Today I will be reviewing three items from MartofChina.
Shop MartofChina
MartofChina sells so many things from women&men clothes to accessoires, shoes, etc. They are pretty cheap too, I was very surprised. To be honest, I was expecting kind of low-quality items for prices like these, but I was wrong.

First of all, I will be reviewing a bag, a dress and a pair of shoes from them. 
They were all shipped together in the parcel but they were packed separately so the items didn't smash each other. The shoes didn't have a cardboard box, they were packed in a plastic bag, but their shape was unharmed when I took them out of the package, so it's all good.
Brown High Heel Shoes
I was in search for a pair of brown shoes for my casual outfits and when I found these of MartofChina's site, I was really happy. They are exactly what I was looking for and I'm planning to use them a lot form now on. They are kind of high(You can check the description for heel height), so I need to get used to walking in them, haha... If they were platforms, everything could be easier.
For the right size, I checked the size chart on the site and ordered the correct size according to my feet length. If you measure your feet correctly, you shouldn't have any problems.
The shoes are comfortable for me, that's why I think I can use them often when I go outside.

It also has a different kind of a strap, which makes it easier to wear&take off. I'm glad I won't need to struggle with it.

And here is a worn photo!
Such a cute pair of shoes~!
Next is a white dress. The sleeve part is made of sheer so it's see-through on these parts.
White Dress
I also have a short-sleeved, black version of this! 
I really loved the mesh/sheer design of these dresses, so got the long-sleeved one in white. 
I might use it in "colder" days, maybe?
I measured myself and ordered it according the size chart as usual, so it fit me perfectly.
Still, since it's white, you might need to be careful with your underwears. 
You might want to wear light-colored ones, just in case.

Last but not least, a horse shaped bag!

Horse Bag
Really glad the straps are adjustable. That way you can use it according to your clothes. For poofier clothes, it might be a better idea to use it with shorter straps.
The colors are vibrant and suitable for lolita and fairy-kei inspired outfits in my opinion.
I also tried the zipper a lot, and it seems I will not have any problems with it in future too. Still, I will let you know if something goes wrong.
So far, I'm really happy with this item as well!

Much pink!

I think this was a bit of a quick review and I apologize if I made any mistakes!
I'm just too excited for anything right now, I don't know what to do.
Anywaaaaay, I will go and find something to distract myself for now, I hope you'll have a wonderful day/night as well!
Take care and bye bye!


  1. Oh my gosh, that's so awesome! Congratulations on making it!! >u<b
    The white dress is really pretty, you look nice in a blonde wig as well.
    But congrats again!!!

  2. Congrats :D And I love the new stuff especially the unicorn bag.

    ~ Sann

  3. So proud of you! Ah, I love your new clothes. The white dress is soooooo pretty! And I adore your writing style. Keep it up ^-~

  4. Congratulations on getting in! Those shoes are so so cute ♥ The dress is really cute too.

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  5. congrats sweetie!!! I love the dress on you, it could work for winter using the all white trend. So cute!


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