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☆☆UNIQSO Blonde Wig+Dolly Eye Jewel Violet Review&Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone!
Today I have a small surprise for you.
But you'll probably be disappointed because it's only a makeup tutorial, haha. B)
Anyway, this post will be mixed with two reviews and a tutorial so get ready!
The items I am going to review are from Uniqso.
You can also use the code "anzujaamu" and receive a %10 discount~!
If you'd like to learn more about the shipping, please read my previous post here.
The lenses I am going to review are violet this time! It's been a while since I tried violet lenses so I'm excited for this one.
I originally wanted them for my Kofuku cosplay, but the wig&uniform will probably take some time to arrive.
You can also use the code "anzujaamu" and receive a %10 discount~!
I'm trying another brand than I.Fairy. Isn't it surprising!?
Well, let me tell you the reason... 
Actually I.Fairy has a very similar design like these lenses but they are not prescripted. And when you have 6.00 power myopia it gets a bit difficult, haha. That's why I preferred the prescripted Dolly Eye Jewel series in violet.
Turns out there are no differences between them other than the diameter!
In Jewel series, Dolly Eye has 15.00 mm diameter, when I.Fairy has 16.2 mm.
The color was vibrant, the limbal ring had a "softer" look because of the blurry design, causing it to give the natural effect. AND the lenses were super comfortable! 
Ofcourse, only if you wear them for less than 8 hours and pay attention to the hygiene and other rules.
Now, let's move on the the makeup tutorial, shall we?
1☆Use concealer to hide imperfections.
2☆Apply brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eye, and apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eye. Blend.
3☆Use eyeliner and draw a slight wing.
4☆Use mascara if you have light colored eyelashes.
5☆Apply side-swept eyelashes.
6☆Apply lower lashes and blend with your real lower lashes.

Before posting the full-face result photo, I will be reviewing the blonde wig as well.

You can also use the code "anzujaamu" and receive a %10 discount~!
Let's start with basics~! Uniqso's wigs are heat resistant, which means you can style them with hair straightener/curler until it gets into the shape you want it to be.
Second, this wig is 60 cm! Keep in mind if you're looking at it for a cosplay. 
It's also not shiny, I might even use it outside! It has a very bright, eye-catching color though, so you might get lots of looks when you wear it outside.
Personally, I really don't mind it. I sometimes wear even more unique colored wigs.
The wig comes unstyled, the bangs will probably reach around your chin when you receive it. You can cut it according to your face. You can cut full-bangs are side-swept bangs, it's all up to you!
Now let's move onto my photos~
I tried different styles for each photo, maybe it can give you some ideas about how to style your wigs!
Here are 5 ways of styling your synthetic hair wigs!
Oh wow, I'm really proud of this post, I haven't been this productive in a while. 
It feels great.
I hope I can keep it up in the dorm too, but I have no idea how it's gonna be in the room! ; u ;
It's time to say bye-bye for now, see you in my next post!


  1. I'm big fan of you in korea
    Writing post forever please!
    I'm cheer you in korea!

  2. I love your lower eyelashes very cute!

  3. You look like Christa Lenz with this wig ! :3

  4. You look super adorable! :) I have never been game enough to try using contacts before, and I wear glasses! I love the effect it gives your eyes though. Its pretty amazing.

    - Sarah x

  5. Where you buy your lashes? I love them *^*!


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