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☆☆CosplayBuzz&WigisFashion Wig Review! (Wataru Asahina Wig&Brown Split Wig)

Hi hi~!
How is life going?
For me, as busy as ever. But I will get used to it soon enough, I hope.
Today I'm back to review two new wigs from CosplayBuzz and Wig is Fashion.
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You can use the code "anzujaamu5" for a discount at both sites~!

Sorry for being so late with my recent reviews, this was one of them.
I think it took about 15 days for me to receive these wigs, but I took my time to take photos with them because I was busy moving to the dorm.
The two wigs arrived together, however, if you buy two wigs from the different sites, you might receive them in different parcels. I got mine together because they were planned.
They were both in their own plastic bags and they even included a small gift for me, which I carried with myself to the dormitory, haha.
I love small surprises!
Okay now, let's see the first wig.
Use the code "anzujaamu5" for a discount!
As usual, Anzu chose a cosplay wig for everyday purposes......
I couldn't help it, that string of hair and the cute haircut had me at the beginning!
To be honest, the wig is more of a shinier color than it shows, but I'm really happy with it so far. 
Since it is a cosplay wig, it is obvious that it's for cosplay because of the bright and slightly shiny color, so I might not use this for my everyday looks often. 
Gotta say it again, I really liked that "ahoge". I am really not sure how to call it in English, so sorry. orz
The wig's end curl in the ends as shown in the picture, which gives a very effect. And as expected, it has a lot of hair fibers, just like CosplayBuzz/Wig is Fashion's all wigs.
This wig made me feel like a doll, haha ; u ;

To the next wiiiig~!

Brown Split Wig
Use the code "anzujaamu5" for a discount!

It's time to tell you that I have a thing for split-wigs. 8)
I just can't enough of them. My preference is short split wigs, but longer ones work for me too!
However, longer wigs are hard to maintain. You need to brush it often and make sure it won't get tangled too much.
This wig was surprisingly easy to brush, though. I have to admit that I couldn't look after it very well while I was moving to the dorm, but once I brushed it, it was back into the shape!
Also, I didn't touch the bangs at all, they were trimmed really well; at least, it worked for me.
The colors blend well together and it doesn't catch your eye too much, in a uncomfortable way. Just like the first wig, it has a lot of hair, so the wig cap or your real hair will not be visible.
Just remember to look after it well and brush it gently!
I felt really mature wearing this wig...

Also, a life hack! If the wig is making your forehead look too narrow, you can stuff small cloth pieces into your wig cap to make the top of your head look bigger with it. I think it works really good for some wigs.

I think that's all for my review!
Remember to check out all of their amazing wigs before you buy something, or you might regret it!
Also, the code "anzujaamu5" will give you a discount, so don't forget to use it as well~
So! I will see you in my next review, okay?
Bye byeeee!


  1. are your eyebrows naturally thin, neat, and light coloured? or do you do something to get them that way, if so waht do you do?

  2. In my ideal imaginary world, you would be my waifu :3 so adorable <3
    Oh, and you could use the first wig (short hair) to cosplay as Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata!! <3 you just need red glasses xP
    Loving the second wig as well n.n

  3. Well, thanks for this, i just purchased two wigs from the site and use ur code :D!! Hope it helps u too ꒰⑅•ᴗ•⑅꒱!! One of the wigs is this that u reviewed and other is a beautiful and long one! xDD Sorry for my terrible english :S! Hope i can get them before 15th november, i'm gonna have an anime convention >u<.. and this is gonna be my first wig ever!!! *////*!!! Thanks for the review, u really help me to decide if i should buy it or not.. and i just do it xDD!!

  4. I love the first wig ^^ even though it doesn't look like the character and is more like kuriyama mirai instead XD

  5. The lenses you wear in the second review is ICK Garnet Brown, like you used in Wendy's Cosplay or those are different ones?
    By the way, you're really cute (:

  6. I'm trying to find this wig but I can't decide on another one that looks like this but curly which one is this one called on the website? Thank you


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