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☆☆Spreepicky Review&Photoshoot!

Hello cuties~!
Sorry for being inactive last few days(except my last review)! I've been having some probles with my Facebook accounts and my page. I almost lost it and I was about to kill someone but I got it back in the end. Still, all my personal accounts are lost, thanks to some fake roleplay accounts who reported me and impersonated me.
Anyway, I'm happy because I was able to secure my Facebook page!
So in today's blog post, I will be reviewing some new items from Spreepicky and show you some photos from our lolita-inspired photoshoot. I can't really call it Lolita, because I don't own enough items for a Lolita outfit.

You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
It's been a long time since I received the package, so I can't really remember how long they took to arrive. They arrived around my birthday, 7 September, and the lovely Meko knew it so she included some birthday gifts for me which made me so happy. ; u ;
We even have matching bracelets with her! 
Okay, let's move onto the items I will be reviewing!
These are the perfect tights for a fairy-kei or a lolita coordination, especially if you get them in the pastel colors!
A few months ago I was able to get my hands onto Angelic Pretty's lilac Fairy Marine skirt and a pink Kidsyoyo blouse so in order to complete the look, I was looking for pink tights. Since the Fairy Marine had small star beads on it, these moon-stars tights were perfect for the outfit I was planning, in my opinion.
The tights are stretchy and they fit on me without stretching too much and showing inside like most of my tights. I didn't force them or anything but I am guessing they won't rip off easily.
The next item is a matching bag with these tights!
This bag comes in 8 different color choices, so make sure to check all of them out before you purchase! I had a hard time deciding which to get, but went with the yellow one because of the clothes I owned.
The bag is very well made and apparently PU leather was used for it. It is a matte color which I really like and the zipper is on the inner "u" side of the moon. Too many items won't fit in it but I think it is wide enough for a daily use, at least for me! Also, the straps are adjustable, so you can use it has a handbag or as a simple messenger bag. ; u ;
I thought the colors matched well with the coordination, but I'm not really happy with my outfit. I wish I owned more items!
We actually took a lot more photos, but I'm very slow at editing them because of the homeworks in university. One by one I will edit them though! Stay tuned on my page so you can see them when they are done!
I think this was all for today's review and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
See you in my next post and until then, bye bye~! 


  1. I have never felt more awed than I have ever before with one of your coordinates. These photos are fantastic and you put this together VERY well. I might even have to copy this look but I'll credit you if I do!

    Super cute Anzu! Keep up the great work! :D


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