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☆☆Floral Days Ashy Lilac Wig Review

It's almost the end of the week!
I can't wait to have a nice sleep soon, I've been sleeping so little these days.
Ahh, enough with my non-important updates, let's move onto the review!

For today, I will be reviewing a wig from a new shop called Floral Days.
They are a shop which focuses on cute items and sell a lot of different kinds of items- from stationary to wigs and clothes.
Shop Floral Days
As for my order, I had my eye on one of their wigs which was a very light shade of a ashy lilac color and decided to review it here.
About the shipping, I'm guessing it took about 15-20 days as usual, but it's been a while since I received it so I'm not really sure, sorry about that.
Ashy Lilac Wig
First of all, this is one of the best wigs I have ever owned, I can say that for sure. Even if it's long, I didn't have any trouble with it showing the wig cap- though this is a common problem I have with light colored wigs. It's colors are a mixture of light lilac, white and maybe a very light pink. Mainly it looks like a gray-lilac colour. The top side looks really natural compared to the other wigs, it almost has a natural hair line, which I find really nice.
It's also very, VERY soft and I couldn't stop touching it and playing with it throughout the day.
It reached below my chest, but I'm not sure about it's exact length.
The wig is made of high-quality heat-resistant fibers, which allows you to style it with a hair curler or straightener to some point.

I thought if I edited the photos lighter and colder, it would match the tone of the wig better, so...
Maybe I went a little overboard, haha!
I hope you enjoyed this review.
See you in my next post and bye bye!


  1. That wig looks amazing, but your wig look more purpel than the one in the photos? Still really cute! ♡

    1. I think mine looks closer to a white-ish color in the photos, you are right!

  2. Freaking cute! Love it! :)

  3. That wig looks amazing on you!!!

  4. Aw, cute. Where did you get this blouse? I love this color.

  5. Ahhh this wig looks absolutely gorgeous on you! The color compliments you very well I think ^.^

  6. Really nice wig you got there! Loving the makeup look you had on it <3

  7. Owowowowowowwowowo haram o.O

  8. You look so cute in this wig ^^

  9. U look so kawaii ^w^
    I was wondering, were the bangs were pre cut or did u trim them?


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