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☆☆UNIQSO Beuberry Momo Black Review

It's been a while since my last lens review, so here I am!
I will be reviewing only a pair of lens this time.
Actually, I wasn't expecting these lenses in the parcel when I placed my order, but I think Uniqso wanted this to be a small surprise for me, which made me so happy!
I wanted to try on a new black lens design soon and received these just around that time.
Beuberry Momo Black
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I'm not a huge fan of black lenses, but these are just perfect in my opinion.
They have a speckled design which decreases and disappears it reaches your pupils, so it makes them look more natural on my eyes than the I.Fairy Pearl Black series.
They blend in with light colored eyes as much as a black lens can, I think!
As for the dark eyes, the speckles might not be very visible on them, but they will provide a noticeable enlargement on these eyes, as they are 16 mm lenses.
If you have very dark colored eyes and lookign for a lens especially for a natural but large-eyed look, these are perfect for you.
But if I have a say in this, I think the speckled design would compliment light colored eyes the best.
About it's comfort level, it can be considered good, because they last longer than most of my lenses before drying a little bit. I normally have dry eyes, so I had to use eye-drops after some point.
Other than that, I had no problems!
 I agree that this kind of style is not very suitable for me, but still I wanted to give it a try and have some fun!
And I call this one kind of derp-ish. I don't know why, but don't you agree?

Do you prefer boy-ish looks to the girly ones?
Let me know in the comments!
Bye bye~! 


  1. Beatiful lenses! ♥ I think this style look on you great, too :3

  2. Love your neko hoodie, where you get it?

  3. asjdhkajsdh even though you say this kind of style isnt your thing, I think you look perrrrrrrrrrf (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
    I love all of your girly looks but ohhh you look so cute as a boy I think I prefer those o (◡‿◡✿)

  4. Honestly, you look great in literally anything. Soo, that being said, a mixture of both boyish and girlish cosplays would be refreshing!

  5. It looks like these would look better on lighter eyes like yours, they look gorgeous!

    I like boyish and girl styles, both are good :3

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  6. Beautiful effect with your blue eyes *^* <3

  7. Of course boyish looks look new and innovative , rather than the common girly cute things, and both are nice :)

  8. I think you look cute in every style hehe ^^

  9. Wow those lenses are super pretty! Really cool to see black lenses being worn on light eyes!
    Also you look cute in everything you wear! x)

  10. Wow you are so beautiful!! I love your blog so much! I was wondering how you think these lenses would look on dark brown eyes? Do you think they would be natural looking or more noticeable? P.S you look absolutely gorgeous in anything you wear!


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