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☆☆UNIQSO I-Codi Moonlight Lenses&Ichimatsu Kohina Wig Review

How are you doing, everyone?
I hope you are good!
It's been a little while since I last wrote a review about a pair of lenses so I figured out it's time for a new one.
Well, Uniqso recently started selling some new lenses from the I-Codi brand. It's the first time I have heard of them. The designs&colors have so SO many choices that they caught my attention. After scrolling back and forward, I decided to get my new lenses in this shade of yellow.
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!As I've never tried out this brand before, I wasn't sure if the color was going to be vibrant or even show up properly. But it did. Pretty good, even! The pupil hole might be kind of wide, but because of it's design it even blended in with my real eye color.

They are 15 mm big also, which means they will enlarge your eyes really well. I also recommend using a pair of fake lashes, it will work amazing with these lenses.
Apart from how they look, the lenses are very comfortable. I'm a bit paranoid when trying out new brands, but I-Codi didn't disappoint me in that. I will definitely try out their other colors and designs in future.
A small note, I think these lenses would also work well with dark-colored eyes. They are not too vibrant as a Halloween/Crazy lens, but they will probably show up just fine.
Let's move onto the wig which I combined these lenses with.
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
As always, I got a cosplay wig for a not-cosplay purpose, haha!
This is a very nice-quality wig, however because of how it is styled, it might be obvious that it is a wig. So if you are going for a natural wig, this is not the one. However, this is perfect for the character shown in the photo, or if you are going for a dramatic-effect with your wig. The wig is styled neatly, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find a longer string of hair than the others. I'm pretty impressed because I can never cut my wigs that well!
Also, if you'd like, you can trim the ends of the wig a little bit more. This might make it look more natural, but different from the character in the photo.
Here are my photos!
I wasn't going for a look like the character in the photo, so I'm good, I think.
The necklace was a new year gift from my friend, isn't it cute? ; u ;
It says Anzu, if you are having trouble reading it!
This photo looks kind of weird, please bear with me!
Another one! See how vibrant the lenses look?
I loved them!
They remind me of a more natural kind of Kimchi Maki Yellow lenses.
This was all!
I hope you enjoyed my review.
What do you think of this new brand?
Have you tried any other color of lenses than mine from them?
Let me know if you did!


  1. Holy snap, actually yellow lenses!! o_O
    Those lenses look super awesome! Now I want a pair!
    And you are as cute as ever! <3

    By the way, I've never heard of I-Codi either, but I suspect it's the same as Vassen. This is because I have a pair of Fynale lenses which on one of the bottles says that manufacturer is Vassen and on the other it says that it's I-Codi.

    1. I know right! I was so happy when I first wore them, hahaha!
      You should get a pair, I'm sure they will look amazing on you!
      And thank you so so much! <3

      Oh, really? Thanks for letting me know! It makes sense now, I really like Vassen's lenses. I-Codi has so many shades of colors, especially blue and green, it's crazy. I want to try them all but my life span probably won't be enough.

    2. You're welcome!
      I definitely plan to buy a pair of these because it's rare to find yellow lenses that don't turn greenish, especially on light eyes it seems. I also really like how they blend quite naturally for being such a, well, unnatural and vivid color. :'D

      Yep. :) I'm pretty sure that I-Codi is just another name that Vassen goes by, possibly in another country? I think Vassen had different names in different countries anyway, like Kitty Kawaii in Thailand and such...
      If you wonder my Fynale lenses are of a different batch lot (one of them expires almost a year before the other!) and I guess that's why it says different manufacturers. Otherwise the Fynale lens vials are identical.
      Actually, the first time I noticed that it said "I-Codi" on the bottle I got worried because I had never heard of the brand before! Google didn't help much either haha - it seems to be a quite new name/brand..?

      Now I want a lot of I-Codi lenses too..! I'm addicted to circle lenses.. xD

  2. Youre so gorgeous Anzu!! auauau <33

  3. Oh anzuuu u look so beautiful!^-^
    Im loving these lenses on u!♡
    Turkish looovee~♡
    Anzuuu can u pleasee do an eyeliner tutorial cuz we have similar eye shape and im starting to wear makeup and i want to know from the best♡

  4. Ahh you look so cute with those lenses and the wig >///<!!! Also, is the lenses you wore only avaliable at uniqso or are they avaliable on other websites ?-?

  5. Those lenses looks really good on your eyes and the wigs looks cute! Is original! I buy cosplay wigs for fantasy photoshoots and they look great!


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