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☆☆Sheinside Outfit Update

Sorry for leaving you without updates for a while.
Recently, I haven't been feeling very good, I could hardly find the energy to write this review.
Nothing too important happened, so you don't have to worry.
I will get better soon!

As for today's review, I'm back with new outfit updates, featuring new items from Sheinside.
The items took about 15-20 days to arrive as always, they are never late or too early anymore, which I think, is a nice thing. I know when to expect them!
I received 3 items in one parcel, each packed in their own plastic bag with their tags on.

First item, a blue, thick dress.
Blue Dress
The sweet color of it caught my eye, that's why I chose this dress. And ofcourse, the texture and collar give a very cute effect to it too. When they are all together, I thought that I could make a cute outfit out of this dress- and I was right!
It is kinda obvious from the stock photo but I will tell again anyway, the pockets look a little bit asymmetrical, but it doesn't look as if it was done by a mistake. Somehow I wasn't disturbed by it too, haha.
The dress has a zipper on the back and it can be considered a a thick dress, it will keep you warm. However, it is a short dress, so make sure to wear some leggings with it in cold weathers.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Taobao
Hairbow: A gift from Spreepicky
Dress: Sheinside
Tights: Spreepicky
Shoes: Taobao

I went for a casual/sporty look with the next item.

Crop T-Shirt
It has "Cool Girl" written on it with a Coca-Cola font, I liked it a lot! I think the font and it's color compliment the style very well along with the black and white vertical stripes.
I also really liked the material used with it, it can be considered thick for a shirt, it feels like it has a superior quality compared to the other products.
It is a crop shirt though, so if you don't want your belly to show up time to time, I recommend wearing some high waisted jeans or skirt under it.
Outfit Rundown
Hat&Jeans: Taobao
Wig: Minitake
Shirt: Sheinside
Shoes: Ebay
Last but not leaaaaast!

Animal Print Sweatshirt
If you are an animal lover, go go go for it!
This sweatshirt has so manu cute animals on it as a print, cats, dogs, rabbits! They all look so adorable and also the sweatshirt emphasizes the cats' eyes, as they are the only in-color element in it, in yellow. They don't catch too much attention unless you examine them closely though!
The material can be considered thin, I think it was made expecially for printed-items. It is a crop sweater also, but it won't show your belly easily. But ofcourse, that would depend on your height. I'm only talking from my own experiences.
Outfit Rundown
Hat: Local Shop
Wig: Cosqueen
Sweatshirt: Sheinside
Socks&Shoes: Taobao

I think this was all for this review.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Which item/outfit was your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below!


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