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☆☆Outfit Update!

Hello there!
Been a while, so sorry about that!
I thought I would be more productive since it's holiday, but it caused me to be even more lazy than ever. ; _ ;
But that doesn't mean it has to go like this forever!
So I'm back with a new outfit update!
White Stand Collar Heart Arrow Embroidered SweatshirtBrown Strap Pockets Corduroy Jumpsuit
Heart Sweater
Brown Jumpsuit
I'm in love with this set because of the color coordination and also the style ofcourse- my only complaint would be size-wise, which I knew might be too big on me, so I guess it was not unexpected. Still, if the jumpsuit fit me a bit better, this could have been perfect!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Bodyline
Hairpin: H&M
Sweater&Jumpsuit: Sheinside
Socks: Local Shop
Shoes: Banggood if I remember right!

I guess I might give the jumpsuit away, but keep the sweater, it's the cutest ever!
Army Green Halter Backless Ruffle Dress
Green Dress
Another one which appeared too baggy on me, and also I realized my body won't flatter this dress well, but oh well! I wanted to do something Tinker Bell inspired with this- so!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Link (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Dress: Sheinside

Let's move onto the last one!
Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Embroidered Tie Dress
Black Dress
I think I just get the things with the black-white-red contrast usually, haha-
But also it had a heart, this is what caught my heart too! ;D
The texture of the dress was like velvet, it feels very high quality and nice to wear it on!
I couldn't do my best coordinate this time, but will definitely get to this dress again soon.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Link (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Dress: Sheinside
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Taobao

Thank you for reading so far and I hope you liked the photos!
I will see you soon in my next review! :D
Bye bye!


  1. That green dress really made me think of some summery holiday version of Tinkerbell! You're as cute as always!

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  2. In all honesty maybe you could've done better with the outfits but I LOVE the last one and the first one. Aah they're as cute as always!

    1. (Idk why you keep deleting this comment because it's a compliment)
      I think these outfits are simple and casual and better than some of her earlier mishmash outfits.

  3. I really love the last dress! It's so cute :3

  4. Ooo, your last coordination reminded me of Rozen Maiden! ^^

  5. Funny thing I was looking at the green dress and was like oh like tinkerbell. After that I scrolled down and you said tinkerbell inspired.

  6. omg that tinkerbell look is amazing, you look so adorable! ♡ And the black dress is really cute as well!

  7. The black dress is bautiful *-*


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