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✩✩I-Codi No 43 Cool Grey Lenses&Blonde Pigtail Wig!

Hello everyone!
How was your week?
Well just in the middle, my new semester started so...
I'm just, looking forward to the weekends everyday.
Our dorm with Iris is so, SO cold that we sometimes wear gloves inside the room. orz
This time Iris got the lower part of the bunk bed, so please pray for me not to fall, mornings are a challenge for me from now on. ; _ ;
Do you have any Valentine's Day plans? I don't- But I did plan out a makeup tutorial for it! I will upload it next week, make sure to stay tuned for it!
Even if you don't have a Valentine, it is time to catch them sales on the internet and at malls. One of them is at UNIQSO, as usual!
For Valentine's day, they have a %15 discount on every pink item, and if you happen to pass 100 USD, you'll get a plush teddy bear as a present!
imageValentines Day Special Teddy Bearimage
You can also purchase it from here, you don't have to be alone after all!
//I will stick to my sheep plush for this year.
(And... and Dragon Age. Gotta romance Alistair.)

As for the lenses I will be showing you in this poooost~!
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Well, they have a blue hint to them, but pass under the grey color. I guess they are called "cool" grey because of that blue hint! Since I have blue eyes, I thought these could very well bring out my blue eye colour, but also darken it somehow.

I was right! I'm getting good at guessing these, aren't I?
Overall, I loved the colour, I don't usually go for grey lenses anymore, at least in my everyday routine, but these seemed pretty nice to me so I wanted to try out. And I found myself using these frequently. :D They are 15 mm, comfortable and blend with my eye colour well, what more can I ask of it?
I also used it in one of my videos, if you'd like to see how they look like from a bit far away!
/And new video is due tomorrow! Can't wait to publish hhh-
I also ended up combining this wig with those lenses.
imageHarley Quinn/Blonde Wig with Pigtailsimage
You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Well, it is listed as a Harley Quinn wig, but I thought this would make a very cute everyday wig, so I went for it- as always. I ended up trimming the bangs AND the pigtails, because I really like when the pigtail length is as long as the base wig only! I think it looks cuter with my face structure. ; u ;
The base wig also has some longer side bangs, and if you want you can make really tiny pigtails, like in this photo.
I might have liked this even more than the normal pigtail style!
Nevermind, just spamming a lil' bit more!

After deciding that I preferred the original pigtails shorter, I trimmed it in layers and sprayed it a bit with a hair spray, and this was the result.
I ended up really liking this sweet look, so took many photos!

Wouldn't it be perfect if this also came in orange!!!
Perfect Anzu wig.
Haha, anyway enough babbling!
I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did while writing!
Just let me know in the comments if you have any questions and bye bye! <3


  1. Valentine's Day plans? My sister's birthday xDDD hahaha I love the pics... you're very beautiful. The wig looks very nice :) Greeting from Chile!

  2. I love the wig, outfit, make up, everything! I love how it all suits you. Looking really cute anzu! <3

  3. Wow so cute lenses and wig! Your always so kawaii <3

  4. Your sweater is so cute Anzu

  5. Thank you for showing what these lenses look like on light eyes! I've been curious about them, even though I normally don't care so much for gray lenses haha. x) Thank you!

    Oh and yes, the wig is adorbs!

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    ☆ Ink & Sword Lifestyle Blog ☆

  6. How always so cute!? *-*
    Your eyes are so pretty

  7. Love these blue lenses, and they look so natural on you as well :3

  8. the wig looks so cute~ i was wondering if u ever got the time you could make a post about styling and/or looking after ur wigs! im always so scared to style the wigs myself incase i somehow mess up but i think they usually look better after a bit of styling.. no need to tho just a suggestion c:

  9. ahh howd you do your makeup


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