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☆☆Minitake Haul&Review!

Sorry for being inactive last few days! I'm back with a new review now, though!
This time, it is for a site called Minitake.
Shop Minitake
You can consider it as a mini-haul, but unfortunately some of the items are already sold out so I won't be able to link you to them.

After placing my order, it took about 15-20 days for the items to arrive at my dormitory. They arrived in two different parcels because I had ordered 2 pairs of boots.
The first parcel contained a wig, a sweatshirt and one pair of brown boots~! The second one had the other pair of boots, which were white.
The wig and the sweatshirt is sold out so I won't be reviewing them, but I want to show them to you anyway!
I cut it a bit shorter after taking this photo but I like it in both styles a lot! I've been wearing this wig a lot recently, as it looks really natural&cute!
The lenses are Beuberry Chariot Green from Uniqso by the way! You can use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount if you buy it~
I haven't worn the brown boots yet, but I took detailed photos of it.
The boots come in 3 different colors. Light Brown(Listed as yellow), Dark Brown and Black.
I chose the dark brown option and by checking the measurement chart, ordered the right size for my feet. The shoes fit me just fine and they were really comfortable and kept me warm when I tried them on. It has a leopard textured fur in it! They do have laces but after trying them for once, you just need to use the zipper on it's side.
These are my favorite pair~! I'm not used to these kind of heels, but in the end it was okay and it didn't hurt my feet. Oh, these also come in black and pink so make sure to check out the link to see their photos! I just liked the white pair the best.
Unlike the first pair, these do not have any zipper on sides, so you will need to tie&untie the laces when you wear them.
This is how they look like when you wear them.
Also this is the sweater I got from Minitake, but it is sold out, I'm so sorry. ; u ;
Outfit Rundown
Wig&Sweater&Shoes: Minitake
Skirt: Sheinside
I'm really happy with the items I got from Minitake so far! I check their site from time to time because I'm curious what they are going to upload on their site next. ; u ; I will let you know if I place an order to their site again!
See you in my next post and bye bye!


  1. wow you look so pretty want to see your real gorgeous face :)!

  2. I really love your white boots *-*

  3. I'm loving those boots. The white ones have a nice heel on them.

  4. Anzu, where is your strawberry sweater from? I honestly love it ;w;

  5. I really love your brown boots :*:

  6. Aw, I had commented on your newest post and didn't realize you had this post about the wig being sold out. :( That's disappointing. I really wanted a wig like that. D:

  7. Oh my, the first photo is wonderful! *-* It should be set as your profile photo on your facebook page <3


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