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☆☆Sheinside Outfit Post

Have you missed my outfit photos?
Well, don't worry, because I'm back with recent ones~! 
I will be featuring some new and adorable items from Sheinside.
Shop Sheinside
Different from usual, Sheinside shipped my order via Aramex this time. They also shipped out another parcel with standart shipping before the Aramex one and surprisingly, Aramex was faster at delivering it. I'm still waiting for the other one. o v o)/
This has become one of my favorite items of my wardrobe! ; u ; It is very cute and it also catches attention because of it's color. It works the best with red, white and black, I think!
It's considered a crop sweatshirt, so I decided to wear a high waisted skirt with it. The material is velvet and because of that it has a very soft feeling- not itchy at all.
Outfit Rundown
Hairbows: Local Shop
Wig: Minitake
Sweatshirt: Sheinside
Skirt: Himi'Store
Socks: Taobao
Shoes: Banggood Shop

Next is black&white themed!
Oh well, ofcourse it is not original. ; u ;
But I liked the design a lot and wanted to go for it. It is different than my usual style, but I like to wear a lot of different styles, so!
This sweatshirt is really thick and for a cotton material it can be considered a... hard material? It's not very soft at all, I'm not sure how exactly I can describe it. 
It doesn't cause any discomfort though. Just the opposite, I kinda liked the material of this item.
Aaaand a casual outfit.
Outfit Rundown
Goggles&Shoes: Ebay
Wig: My friend's. Similar can be found at Uniqso!
Sweatshirt: Sheinside
Pants: Local Shop
Last but not least... Two items!
The top is so so cute with it's vibrant colors! It has yellow, blue and pink mainly as well as white. It's pretty long, but not long enough to wear as a dress, so beware! The comic print on it is very eye-catching. ; u ; It comes in one-size and looks kind of baggy on me but that's the point!
Next is the matching denim pants for the sweatshirt! It has adorable prints of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and many other Disney characters on it. It comes in various sizes and I chose the S size, but I had a little problem with these pants. ; u ; Even if the waist size was too big on me, I had trouble when I was wearing it because of the ankle part of the pants was too narrow. It was a pain to be honest. ; v ; 
I might need to fix it by making it shorter in future.
Outfit Rundown
Headdress: Disneyland Paris
Wig: Minitake
Sweatshirt&Pants: Sheinside
Shoes: Ebay

Unfortunately, this was all for my blog post of today. ; v ;
I wish I had more to show you, but I probably will in future, so stay tuned!
Love you and bye bye~!


  1. *A* i love the Mickey Long Sweatshirt but i spend my money... TT.TT haha~
    I think you are beautiful and cute >.< (Sorry for my bad english :P)
    You inspire me to make a blog. I will try... nothing to lose :D
    Bye ^^
    Develyn from Argentina

  2. Aq çok tatlisin


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