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☆☆UNIQSO I.Fairy Cara Brown lenses&Asuna Yuuki Wig Review

Hello cuties~! 
How are you doing?
I hope everything is going ok!
Me? Well, I am back with a new lens review for you this time. ; u ;
This time, a pair of brown lenses as well as a brown wig from Uniqso.
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
Not a regular look though, the wig is for Asuna from Sword Art Online.
Can't say that she's my favorite from SAO but a lot of people wanted to see me as Asuna so I thought I could do a test shot for you guys. Sorry though, this might be a disappointment for you.
I don't really suit her. ; u ;
As for the shipping, you can check out my previous lens review because they arrived together!
So let's see the stock photos first!
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I actually own these in red! I used them with my Silica cosplay before and I wanted to give the brown ones a try. These series could be considered really vibrant both on light and dark colored eyes. My personal opinion is that they look better on dark colored eyes because of the pupil hole. If I'm in a well-lit room, my real eye color is always visible through the pupil hole of the lenses. That's why I usually prefer light colored lenses, haha.
As expected, these lenses were really comfortable for me. I.Fairy brand is the #1 for me when it comes to the comfort level and I wasn't disappointed!
They also enlarge my eyes a lot, as they are 16.2 mm.
As long as you use an eyeliner (at least!) you won't look like an alien.
I really like how they look like sparkling jewels because of the light&dark color blends!
If only my pupils were bigger in that photo~
And to match with these lenses, here is the wig I chose for Asuna. It is listed as her cosplay wig in Uniqso's site.
Don't forget to use the code "anzujaamu" for a %10 discount!
I'm often scared of using long wigs because I can't really look after them well and end up getting them tangled. I figured out a way though, before putting them away, I braid the wig and place it in it's plastic bag so it won't get tangled until I use it again. Also if it is tangled, don't get frustrated and brush it harshly. Be patient and slow, that way you will be able brush and detangle it succesfully.
As for the wig, I'm surprised! Long length wigs tend to have less hair, I don't know why. However this one has a lot of hair, thick but silky as well. When you put it on, your wig cap won't show up and you will end up getting a natural look. Natural as in cosplay though. Because of the color and style, it is kinda obvious that it is a wig. For God's sake, it is really really long!
It's bangs come unstyled, but it does have a styled braid on back. It's nothing too special though, you can always untie it and style it again. You won't lose anything. It's easy to do so.
I took these photos without a tripod so I wasn't able to get a shot from behind, I am very sorry!
As you see, I'm not really suitable for Asuna. ; u ;
I also realized the bangs&side bangs still need some styling, oops.
Aaaaand as always, I look more attractive in these lower quality photos, fml.
This is all so far! I hope you enjoyed reading my review about these items.
Oh, by the way, I uploaded a Q&A video to Youtube yesterday! If you are interested, you can check it out here!
If you have any advice on how to improve my reviews and some video ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments.
See you later then, bye bye!


  1. 16.2 mm lenses?! O.O?? It will probably cover my whole eye XD nice lenses though ^0^/

  2. The I.Fairy Cara Brown lenses look gorgeous on your light eyes!!
    Also I think that you suit Asuna. ;)

  3. You look like Asuna!


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