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☆☆Touka Kirishima Photoshoot

Happy 2015!
(I know I am too late!)
I hope you had fun counting down for 2015. ; v ;
I'm excited about this year because 5 is my lucky number.

In this post, I will be updating you about my Touka Kirishima photoshoot with some photos!
I won't be writing a detailed review but I will posting some photos from our photoshoot, as well as the costume link.
I got the costume from Lightinthebox.
Shop Lightinthebox
Some items' quality may change because they aren't retailed from the same seller I think, but I was happy with my costume!
Touka Kirishima Costume
As for the wig, I will be posting it's review very soon!
//even if I ended up cutting it too short ugh
Before posting the photos, I want to thank Edniz for taking these amazing photos. I never thought I could look nice in these photos but it is Edniz and she can make everything look good ashjfhsd-

Then again, this is only an update!
I have many more photos on the way so just stay tuned on my Facebook page~!

Love you and bye bye for now!


  1. Really pretty~ I would prefer red lenses but you look perfect with any color :)

  2. Really? My lucky number is 5, too. I'm be happy \(^^)/

  3. Happy new year!~ are you planning on getting some red selcra lenses though? (・ω・)ノ?

  4. Hello Anzu, happy new year! ♡
    I just want to tell you, this page use your photos :

  5. baby youre so sexy !

  6. Happy new year lovely! You make such a pretty Touka ~~

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  7. you are such an awesome touka!! ;v;

  8. You looks super cute!
    I love the mood in the photos, it's really cool! >w<

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Perfect Touka! That character suits your look, Anzu :3

    - Luv from Illy ♡


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