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☆☆Chubbie and Brownie 3DS Deco Case Review

Hello cuties~!
I'm back with a new deco case review, this time it is a 3DS case!
I'm so sorry for delaying this one, I really really didn't have enough time these last few days.
Anyway, I will be reviewing an adorable case from the shop names Chubbie and Brownie!
You can use the code "ANZU10" for a %10 discount!
Chubbie and Brownie Instagram
They don't only sell 3DS cases, but they have a lot of choices for different phone and DS cases.
They also make many custom cases so if you have an idea&design in your mind, make sure to message them so they can help you out! <3
They also sell some cabochon grab bags if you are interested in making your own case!

So, about my case!
It was custom made, which means, I described what theme I wanted to them, and they mailed me back with a design in their mind, by placing their cabocons on an empty case and taking it's photo. They weren't attached at the time, so I could let them know if I wasn't satisfied with something on the case. Such as; "Could you move this piece to the top right, could you remove this piece from the case?"
And according to my requests, my case was made!
When it was done, I was notified that my case was shipped out. In about 15-25 days, my case arrived to my dormitory and I opened the parcel.
I blurred out the first note because it was kind of personal! ; v ;
Inside the package, there were a small gift pocket, my 3DS case as 2 pieces; one top half, one bottom half and two adorable notes.
The small parcel contained these items.
2 dust plugs, a bear cabochon and two pieces of sweets hihi~!
They were so so yummy!
I was in love with the 3DS case!
I wanted a Madoka themed one, and the adorable owner ended up getting a small Madoka nendoroid and attached it to the case. They also decorated it with silicone icing and many cute matching cabocons.
Just in case if a piece falls out, I had a advice note next to it as well, telling me which glue I could use to fix it up.
But nothing fell out from the case so far~!
Here are some close up photos.

I'm really sorry about the lighting, last few days I haven't got a nice light here, but I also wanted take photos already, so...
Also don't forget!
You can use the code "ANZU10" for a %10 discount!
So what do you think about the case? Isn't it adorable?
If you got a 3DS or a phone case from Chubbie and Brownie, what themed would you like it to be?
Let me know about it in the comments!
Bye bye~!


  1. OMG! That's just too adorable! ;w; This makes me want one so much for when I buy the New N3DS!!

    I didn't even know that there are people who make this kind of cases for gaming systems, I thought it was only for cellphones and such!


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