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☆☆UNIQSO ICK Elegant Violet Lenses&Ririchiyo Shirakiin Wig Review

I think I have just found my dream wig!
At least, this one is one of my favorites now.
Sorry for going straight into the point, I will start over now!
In this review, I will be reviewing a pair of violet lenses and a long purple wig to match it.
Both are from Uniqso!
I will start with the lenses first.
I have received the lenses in their own glass bottles, which were placed in a tiny cute box!
They also had a lens case next to them, so I didn't have to search for one.
ICK Elegant Violet
After soaking them in their solution for 8 hours, I put them in. That's what you should do too, as the lenses are always in the glass bottle's solution.
Don't rush, just wait for 8 hours after placing them in their new solution before trying them on!
If you'd like to know why you have to soak your lenses in a solution, you can read this helpful article.
The lenses are 15 mm, which makes them really large.
In order to get the best look, you should at least put on some eyeliner, in my opinion.
The colors turned out to look really vibrant on light colored eyes, and I loved how they looked!
The black rim doesn't look very sharp and that makes it look natural, even if it has an unusual color. 
Also, the ICK brand turned out to be really comfortable for me, so I'm very satisfied with these lenses!
I haven't had any dry-ness problems with the ICK brand so far.
The wig I combined with these lenses is a cosplay wig, but I think they worked out just fine!
I was a little bit scared when I ordered this wig, because it was really really long. The long wigs I get from eBay tend to arrive smashed and the straight wigs turn out really bad sometimes. But thanks to Uniqso, this item was really well packed and it had no damage at all. It arrived in a plastic bag and had a thin hair net around it so that it wouldn't get tangled on it's way. It also came styled as in the photo, so I didn't need to cut it. It was really well styled too! I can't always cut straight bangs perfectly.
The wig is 100 cm, so you should be careful while storing it. I recommend braiding it before taking it off and then storing it in it's plastic bag again. 
Also, for a wig like this, it felt so silky, I couldn't stop playing with it! 
I have a habit of playing with my hair. ; u ;

Oh, by the way!
I am using a different pair of lashes in these photos than the closeup photo.
If you'd like to get them, check it out here.
You will also need a eyelash glue.

Pointed Eyelashes
Eyelash Glue
I think this was all for this review~!
What do you think about this wig?
Do you like long wigs, such as 100 cm ones?
Personally I prefer short ones, but this one might have changed my opinion!
See you in my next review~!


  1. You look so pretty with the lenses and wig! Love it!~

  2. That wig fits you so well, you look super cute wearing it!! *w*
    Also thanks for reviewing lenses from the ICK brand - I haven't seen many reviews of their lenses floating around in the internet! The Elegant Violet has a nice shade!

  3. Why are you so cute? Why does everything look so good on you? ;A;
    Thumbs up for reviewing ICK lenses! I just might buy them too, they look really cool.
    I'm happy you found a long wig that you love. :) Personally I prefer mid-length wigs or short wigs, long ones scare me! But the best ones are wigs with ponytails clips. <3
    Do you wear ponytail clips too? You would look amazing. :)

  4. Oh gosh you're so pretty!!! >///<!! The wig suits you soo well ^.^~

  5. Nice choice of lenses! Really vibrant and dolly ;u; The wig is just perfect too, it suits the lenses and your dress <3

  6. The outfit is really nice. I would like to see the whole dress on you, in a matching environment, suitable expressions with an umbrella or so~

  7. This look is so gorgeous!!! I love it :D <3

  8. You are really pretty and this wig is amazing, I love its colour! I would like to see whole dress, it looks nice. And it would be great if you give us a link to this dress~ :)

  9. Ahhh the wig and the lenses look so pretty on you! >u<

  10. You're beautiful like this *w*


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