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☆☆New Outfit Update!

Left this blog inactive for almost a week again, sorry! ;_;
Without babbling too much I will be moving onto my next review for Romwe.
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Will be reviewing 4 items now, so let's start without wasting any time!
Contrast Collar Ruffle Loose Black Dress pictures,
White Collar Black Dress
I think this is the only item I really really liked out of all the 4 items I got.
It has a really, really thin material, so be careful and make sure it doesn't look a bit like a see-through item. It's also supposed to be a loose-fitting dress, so don't worry. It still comes in a few sizes, so check them out before ordering!
Outfit Rundown
Headdress&Shoes: Taobao
Wig: DreamHolic
Dress: Romwe

Colorblock Short Sleeve With Zipper Pocket Dress
Bow Dress
The design of it was what caught my attention and I admit that I could have combined this outfit way better. Anyway, about it's material, it was thicker than the first dress, but still quite thin. The bow of my dress needed some fixing time to time, which means it can shift on it's own, but it's not a complaint, really. It also had a zipper on the back, so it was easy to wear it!
Outfit Rundown
Headdress&Shoes: Taobao
Wig: Cosqueen
Dress: Romwe

And lastly, two items that I have combined.
Lapel Double Breasted With Pocket White VestWith Bow White Blouse
White Long Vest
White Sheer Blouse
Honestly, I really liked the vest, but didn't like the blouse very much. But in the end, I didn't have compatible items with the first item (but I will collect!), so I ended up combining it with the second one. It does remind be of a magical boy(not girl, haha!), but it could have been a lot better, in my opinion.
Outfit Rundown
Wig: Cosplaybuzz (Discount code: anzujaamu5)
Blouse&Vest: Romwe
Shoes: Taobao

Recently, I haven't been feeling motivated, I am sorry about that. I'm trying to get inspired and eventually feel better, and I hope I will succeed soon.
Thanks for reading my blog post.


  1. OMG *.* You look amazing! ♥

  2. That first dress is so beautiful!! I love it~ ♡

  3. Ahhh I love all the dresses~~><~ too cute~

  4. Hi, Can you tell me the size you wearing of the first dress? and how tall are you? Thank you so much for share those dress, and you are so CUTE <3

  5. you look so cute as always ~ the first dress is my favorite! <3 big collars c:

  6. baby why u so cute

  7. The first dress is the best <3 You look so cute as always

  8. 으아아아ㅠ안주 왤케 이뻐요ㅠ 천산줄♡♡♡


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