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☆☆Outfit Update #2!

See, I'm on a spree for the outfit updates!
I ended up saving a lot of photos to post online so I will be parting them and posting them in a few days, like this.
This one is going to be rather small, though!

Yup, let's go!
Black Hearts Embroidered Organza Skirt
Heart Organza Skirt
I really like unique pieces like this, they usually end up as my favorites, so I wanted to show you guys this one first. It has a zipper on the back, so it doesn't get wider, though. So if you are going to get it, make sure to choose the right size while keeping in mind that it doesn't have a elastic band. The patches are sewed onto the skirt I think, but the organza is quite strong organza material? Haha.
Other than that, I think it could have looked a lot better if it was puffier!
Outfit Rundown
Wig: CosplayBuzz (Discount code: anzujaamu5)
Shirt: Link
Skirt: Sheinside
Star Blouse: Taobao
Boots: Choies

Next one!
White Short Sleeve Hamburger Print Crop T-Shirt
Crop Shirt
It has a hamburger+fries print on it which also says "you are the burger to my fries" and I found that so cute! The print isn't a sticky one so even if I fold it facing itself, it won't have any problems like ripping off.
I think it would look best with denim shorts, but my mom recently got me these shorts as a gift, so I ended up wearing it with this shirt.
It looks kind of revealing because of my legs (and dem legs look weird bc of those plaforms orz) so I think I would wear something like this on my swimsuit at a vacation.
Outfit Rundown
Sunglasses: eBay
Wig: Link (Discount code: anzujaamu)
Shirt: Sheinside
Shorts: A gift from my mom!
Shoes: Link

Aaaaand this mini-update ends here!
I hope you enjoyed it.
I will be seeing you in my next post, so bye bye for now!


  1. Really cute!

  2. Those are really cute! I love the first outfit and the burger + fries thing is just adorbs. XD

  3. I'd kill to have those legs girl haha! I def like the shirt the best :)

  4. Such lovely pieces!! The boots and the heart skirt are my fave!
    I never knew you had a blogspot! I follow you on IG and Youtube -
    Making sure to follow you on here now ^_^

  5. that skirt really is so cute o3o your legs make everything look awesome aha.

  6. Why so cool clothes and perfect skinny body? *-*

  7. I just love the burger and fries T-shirt, it's so cute. x)
    Also you look amazing in this first outfit! :'D
    Wouldn't the boots be troublesome to wear/walk in though? They look so... huge. O_o
    I'm a big fan of your outfit posts, they're always cute and awesome and creative. <3

  8. When I order a cloth or shoe from ebay or sheinside, it comes Turkey about 3 mounths later, and then when I receive my good, I look around and I realize that everyone starts to wear what I ordered, it's kinda bad thing, how long do you wait for your goods? ( By the way I really liked your combines, love ya girl <3 )


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